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Information about starting a franchise company in the Netherlands

Do you have certain ambitions about starting a company oversees? Then the Netherlands definitely proves to be a very attractive and competitive destination. Whilst some potential entrepreneurs have very detailed and personalized business plans and ideas, some others might have a harder time coming up with a fitting goal or business idea. In such cases, […]

Hiring staff and payroll accounting Netherlands

Hiring staff involves more red tape than you might think. Here are the things you need to know if you are planning to take on some new employees. You can only employ official staff if the person who works for your company meets several requirements. Someone is considered an employee when he or she: - […]

The Dutch economy in 2021: facts and information

Starting a company oversees can involve many important choices, such as choosing the most profitable location and country for establishment. The Netherlands has been holding top positions in many economic and financial listings, due to the stable nature of the Dutch economy. In this article we will outline some interesting facts about the economy in […]

Netherlands measures for additional CO2 reduction

Nature, and especially sustaining nature, is increasingly becoming a hot topic within our entire  society. Due to the exponentially large growth of the amount of world citizens, new problems have arisen that continually need the government’s attention. One of these problems is the high current CO2 emission, which is mainly caused by the bio-industry, automobiles […]

Business taxes in the Netherlands: a quick overview

If you would like to set up a business in the Netherlands, you will need to take into account that this means you will also have to pay several business taxes. The exact amount and type(s) of tax(es) you will need to pay depend on the legal entity you choose, your business activities and several […]

Foreign multinational corporations & the Netherlands annual budget

The Netherlands has implemented quite a few priorities from the government’s fiscal agenda, which are combined into the 2021 Tax Plan. This includes several legislative taxation proposals, as well as the main Netherlands’ 2021 Budget. The measures are aimed at the reduction of taxation of employment income, to actively combat tax avoidance, to support a […]

How to start an NGO non-profit organization in the Netherlands

If you decide to expand your business to the Netherlands or even start an entirely new business, there are many legal entities you can choose from. Most entrepreneurs choose the Dutch BV, since this business type by far outweighs many other legal entities in terms of financial and fiscal benefits. But some business activities are […]

How to open a recruitment company in the Netherlands?

In a country such as the Netherlands, with an enormous amount of skilled personnel, the recruitment business is almost always booming. This might offer some interesting opportunities for people who have a talent for finding the right people for the right job. If you are interested in the possibilities of opening a recruitment company in […]

Directives and regulations counter tax avoidance in Netherlands

The Netherlands is known worldwide as a very stable country economically, with a healthy fiscal and political climate. A few mentionable reasons that have led to this image are the fairly modest tax rates when compared to neighboring countries. Furthermore, clear and efficient administrative processes and the innovative use of IT and technology in order […]

Which legal entity to choose? The Flex BV explained

The most commonly chosen legal entity in the Netherlands is the BV company. The BV offers many interesting opportunities for business owners, especially if you expect to earn more than the 245,000 euros threshold. In this article we will explain in detail why the Dutch BV is a good choice as a legal entity, and […]

Closing a Dutch BV company: a quick guide

Once someone starts a business, they obviously expect to achieve success with their company and ideas. This doesn’t always turn out as expected unfortunately, since doing business inevitably comes with a certain amount of risks. The worst case scenario is bankruptcy, which will be followed by the closing of the BV company that was established. […]

Want to innovate in the green energy or clean tech sector? Start your business in the Netherlands

With constant news spreading about global warming, rapidly thinning fossil fuel sources and oceans filled with plastic debris, it’s no wonder that there are more and more innovative entrepreneurs who want to contribute to a healthier and safer planet. If you are considering pitching your environment-friendly idea anywhere in the world, the Netherlands might be […]
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