The Netherlands new crypto exchange regulations

The Netherlands is likely to implement new crypto regulations per 10-1-2020 for all exchanges and wallet custodians. The new law regulates companies that are trading cryptocurrency and wallet providers. Under the new law these companies would have to fill a notice to the central bank, stating that they are performing these activities.
Note: It is not a ”crypto license”, but a ”notification”.

Exchanges are all virtual currency trading companies, brokerages and intermediaries that buy-

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As the Brexit date in October is closing in, more and more British entrepreneurs and companies are chosing to move their headquarters or backup subsidiaries to the Netherlands. The future is still very unclear. No one really knows how reality will look once Brexit takes effect, but the benefits of owning a company in Holland remain plentiful. So which companies are we talking about? And what exactly are the benefits of moving your company? In this article we present you … Read more

The globally anticipated Brexit date (the 31st of October) is approaching rapidly and this is beginning to cause a lot of stress among many British investors and entrepreneurs. If you own an UK based company and have not really thought about the possible consequences of a hard Brexit, now might seriously be a good time to evaluate your options.

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Since the referendum in 2016, Brexit has been a topic of massive controversy ever since. Will it really benefit the UK to exit the European Union? What kind of consequences will this have for both laborers as well as business owners? And what is the best strategy to stay connected to the EU, if you are an entrepreneur or business owner?

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Since the infamous Brexit referendum the British have become more and more cautious concerning their businesses and startups. This ultimately lead to a substantial increase in foreign investments and the relocation of businesses to the most stable EU countries. The Netherlands are currently on top of the relocation list, which is not surprising at all considering the positive economic climate in our country. Just to illustrate the difference between the two neighboring countries: investments by Dutch entrepreneurs and investors in … Read more

Setting up a business means you will have to make a staggering amount of choices. This is not unusual of course, since there’s simply many options to choose from. Like the specific services you will be offering, the languages you will be working in, your business address and possible office space and the company that will make your website and PR materials. But did you also consider the country?

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The way we do business has changed significantly during the past few decades. Where there were once only physical stores, you can now shop for almost every imaginable trinket online. Artists have also started to offer their skills on the web, via websites, social media or international platforms like Etsy. One interesting development that clearly stands out, is that design is just as important as functionality nowadays.

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If you are thinking about starting a freelance business, you might want to reconsider establishing a company in your own country. Especially if you already happen to reside here, for example when your spouse is an expat stationed in the Netherlands. More and more freelancers and entrepreneurs decide to found their businesses overseas. Why? Mostly due to the fact that multiple foreign countries offer substantial benefits for business owners, making it very profitable to start a foreign business.

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Is a local Dutch director required to incorporate a Dutch BV?

No, it is not a requirement to have a local Dutch director to set up a Dutch BV. In fact, most of our clients are non-Dutch residents.

If you are a small or medium company, or you have a clear goal for your Netherlands business activities. It is likely not relevant to consider the substance requirements for corporate income tax.

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It has become pretty clear that Brexit has had various effects on businesses currently situated in the UK. A lot of major companies and organizations are already moving their headquarters elsewhere, in order to stay involved with the EU and all its associated benefits. This also means that many start-ups and investors are looking for alternatives to their original plans of starting a UK business. Are you on the lookout for a suitable new location? Then the Netherlands might just Read more