About our organization

Intercompany Solutions is headquartered in the World Trade Center – in the heart of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Intercompany Solutions is an innovative provider of corporate services. With our offices and partners in the Netherlands, Germany and other European jurisdictions, our company is inherently driven to provide corporate solutions for investors and companies worldwide. We service International clients interested in (all-in) company formations and immigration procedures.

Our clients consist of investors, entrepreneurs, traders, online businessmen, internationally orientated entrepreneurs, online marketing specialists, digital nomads and many more clients from all over the world.

We focus on international entrepreneurs and investors for whom we provide turn-key solutions for competitive prices. Our aim is to establish ourselves as a market leader in quality corporate services and accounting. Personalised incorporation assistance whereby each client is treated with the highest quality of service and dedication.

We strive for results and excellence in equal measure and will go to extensive lengths to achieve it.

”Let whoever knows a skill practice it.” Latin: Quam quisque norit artem, in hac se exerceat.
Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Politician

Our Knowledge

It is a must to use the law and practical knowledge to find the best solutions for our clients.

”Knowing the laws does not mean knowing their words, but their intent and purpose.” Latin: Scire leges non hoc est verba earum tenere, sed vim ac potestatem – Publius Juventius Celsus, Roman Jurist

Memberships and associations

We perfect our quality standards to deliver services of the highest degree.
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Some of our accomplishments

Since 2013 we have assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs from more than 30 countries in the setting up European businesses or immigration services. Our expertise consists of, setting up of companies in Europe, obtaining permanent residency in the Schengen area, obtaining European citizenships and passports, arranging business and financial service licensing and more. Assisting entrepreneurs from all over the world in the relocation and establishment of companies to Europe is our daily business. We always look through the eyes of our clients.

What is our core business

We provide advice, guidance and information for the setting up of a company or corporate structure abroad. We address all aspects, the legal form, investments, legal matters, visa requirements and immigration. Everything is addressed. Our expertise and experience ensure that we know which procedures and routes to take for our clients while avoiding the pitfalls.

  • Advice and guidance on business establishment, tax and bank matters in Europe.
  • Assisting with immigration procedures.
  • Establishing contacts with local potential customers in new markets.
  • Greater turnover, due to marketing strategy and advisory.
  • Setup of a corporate structure which is optimal for you.
  • Services with a focus on making it easier for your business internationally; arranging of legal entities, tax number, bank account and secretarial support.
  • Structuring total bookkeeping.


Melvin van Esch became acquainted with Tax and the Accounting industry during his studies of Accounting and Tax law in the Netherlands. Thereafter he decided to delve into the depts of the corporate services world. This lead him to explore the European tax havens including Cyprus and Malta. Where he consulted clients with tax, banking, and corporate services. Currently, he is leading the operation from the Netherlands head office.

Companies recently formed through our firm

Unilink Software BV Logo           RAH Infotech BV Logo          Noosware BV LogoAnd many more.

What our clients say

Intercompany Solutions followed through on their promise. For the application of a VAT number, the tax inspector had some questions about our organization and Intercompany Solutions has guided us through that swiftly.

Our firm has assisted the clients of Intercompany Solutions for several years. The Intercompany Solutions staff works in a customer orientated and professional manner, the business advisers are dedicated to providing an extra bit of service.

Thank you for assisting me in setting up my business in The Netherlands. I have referred my colleagues to you.


Mehmet Ozkan Entrepreneur and owner of ASOS Asset Management BV


Kryspin Andrukiewicz Entrepreneur and owner of We & You Management

syed portrait

Syed Fuzail Entrepreneur and owner of Honour Logistics & Marine Services