Our policy on privacy

Last update: April 15 2018


The present policy was drafted to inform any concerned parties about the use of their PII (Personally Identifiable Information) online. The EU law on privacy and security of information defines PII as details that may be used separately or in combination with other info for the purpose of identifying, contacting or locating a particular person or identifying individuals in a given context. We ask you to read carefully our policy on privacy in order to understand how we gather, protect, use and handle your PII in connection with our internet site.


Personal information collected from users visiting our website/blog/application

Our site does not gather information from its visitors.


Cases in which information is collected from you

Information will be collected if you are filling in a form and/or entering data on our website.


Use of collected information

The information collected from visitors when they register, purchase goods and services, sign up to receive our bulletin, participate in marketing communication or a survey, browse the site or use particular features may be used for the following purposes:

1) To respond better to your service requests as a customer;

2) To distribute a survey, promotion, contest or other features of the website;

3) To process efficiently your transactions;

4) To send enquiries asking you to review or rate our products or services;

5) For follow up after correspondence (phone/email inquiries, live chat).


Protection of collected information

We don’t perform vulnerability or PCI-approved scans. We provide information and articles only. We do not ask for numbers of credit cards. We regularly scan for malware.

Your personal details are kept in secure networks with access restricted to persons with special rights bound by the principle of confidentiality of information. Furthermore any sensitive or financial details that you provide are encrypted using SSL technology.

Our company has adopted a number of measures for maintaining the security of personal information provided by users when they place their orders. A payment gateway processes all transactions; therefore such details are not processed or stored on our company’s servers.


Use of cookies

Our website uses cookies. These are minute files placed by a website/service provider on your PC hard disc via your browser (with your permission). Cookies enable the site/provider systems to identify your browser, as well as to collect and remember particular information. For example cookies enable us to save and process shopping cart items. They help us recognize your preferences by tracking your activity on the site and to improve the services you receive. Cookies are also useful in compiling aggregated data with respect to site traffic/interaction in order to offer improved site experience and tools. And finally, cookies can be used to track advertisements.


You have the option to receive warnings when cookies are sent or turn off cookies altogether. This can be done through the settings of your browser. Every browser is different, so open the help menu and learn how to modify the preferences regarding cookies on your device.

When cookies are turned off, some features improving your experience on our website may stop functioning.


Disclosing information to third parties

We will not trade, sell or transfer in any way your PII to third parties. In case we intend to do so, you will receive a notification in advance. This excludes our hosting partners or other parties assisting us in the maintenance of our site, conducting business and offering different services to users, provided that those parties have signed confidentiality agreements with respect to this information. We can also provide information when required by law, to enforce the policy of our site or to protect our or someone else’s property, safety and rights.

On the other hand non-personally identifiable details of visitors can be submitted to third parties for advertising and marketing purposes, as well as for other uses.


Links to third parties

No services or products of third parties are included in our site.



The requirements for advertising of Google are summarized in the Advertising Principles of the company. These were adopted in order to improve user experience.



AdSense is not enabled on our website, but it is an option for the future.


Protection of privacy

Our site can be visited anonymously.

Once we create the privacy policy, we will publish a link on the homepage or at least on the 1st significant page of our website after entry.

The link to our policy regarding privacy protection can be found as specified above and has “Privacy” included in its name.

In case of any changes to the policy, a notification will be published on its page.

You can always amend your personal details by accessing your account.


Handling of DNT signals

We respect DNT signals (to disable tracking for individual users) and stop tracking, placing cookies or using advertising when such a mechanism is active on the user’s browser.


Behavioral tracking by third parties

It is important to mention that our website does not allow tracking of behavior by third parties.


Fair practice for handling information

The European guidelines on privacy are in the basis of the Dutch privacy law. The concepts included in these guidelines have also played an important role with respect to the adoption of laws on data protection worldwide. Understanding the principles of fair practice and their implementation is essential to achieve compliance with the numerous laws protecting personal data.

In case of a breach in data security we shall take action as required by the existing Fair Practices by posting a notification on the site within seven working days.

Our company also complies with the principle of redress according to which all individuals are entitled to pursue their rights in a legal manner against data processors and collectors failing to follow the law. The principle supports the enforceable rights of individuals against the use of their personal data and allows them to ask governmental agencies and courts to prosecute and/or investigate cases of data processor non-compliance.

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