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    Intercompany Solutions assists entrepreneurs
    with company formations in Netherlands and Europe.


Starting your company in Europe, all-in corporate and residency services.

Whatever you need to enter the market or expand to a different jurisdiction. ICS believes in the right of every to grow and expand, wherever they are located.

We dedicate ourselves to support entrepreneurs and businesses with everything that is needed to start and grow their business in Europe. We want to help you make your own opportunities and follow them around the world. From company formations to gaining residency for your family, we’ll deliver you a full and professional service at an affordable fixed price. No more high hourly rates or complicated procedures, with ICS you’ll get complete transparency at all times.

The Intercompany solutions group consists of a collaboration between various accounting specialists and incorporation agents who decided to work closely together to provide you with the best possible service.

We provide all the services needed concerning the incorporation and establishment of your company in various jurisdictions.

Many international entrepreneurs and companies are interested in starting a business in The Netherlands.

The Netherlands is the go-to jurisdictions for business immigration and citizenship applications in Western Europe.

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Your Benefits

Complete incorporation packages
Fixed fees, no hidden cost
Professional and dedicated services
Specialized firm
Transparent and affordable

What can you expect?

Within several days we finalize the incorporation process of helping you to start a business in The Netherlands. Our services are aimed at non-resident clients, this means that we provide all service in English. We have procedures for remote formations.

Our Services

Intercompany solutions can help you with setting up the necessary bank accounts, legal entities and tax filings. We also provide support with any matters that need to be arranged when you decide to internationalize your company.


Intercompany Solutions aim to provide quality and specialized services. Our core business is to provide all-in services are in the following jurisdictions:

The Netherlands


Intercompany Solutions is proud to deliver top-notch legal services regarding business immigration and EU citizenship applications.

We cover in-depth articles on our blog.

Netherlands Services

Whether you are looking for accounting services in the Netherlands, all in services for starting a company, legal consultation or tax related matters.

Our fiscalists and legal advisers are available to assist you.