Legal services in the Netherlands

Our Dutch firm will be able to assist you in the procedure, representation and formation of opening a Dutch company. You can benefit from our services if you are opening a BV (limited liability) or an NV (joint stock) in the owning and the trading of the company. We will also be able to assist you with company accounting, secretarial services and tax advice.

Establishment of subsidiaries or branches in the Netherlands

International companies need to choose the appropriate business form when opening a branch in the Netherlands and we will be able to guide you through this process. Our legal services are aimed at assisting the entrepreneur with the setting up of Dutch legal entities with or without the legal personality. If you are unsure about which type of business you would like to start, we can assist you with the advantages of each before you make your choice.

Special permits or licenses for company activities

Certain business fields might require you to have a special permit in order to conduct business in the country. We will be able to assist you in obtaining such a permit or license and our attorneys will be able to give you more information about different business types that operate in the country. These permits are often necessary when it comes to employment, financial activities and permission from local authorities.

Mergers and acquisitions in Holland

We are able to assist you with any type of merger or acquisition that you are interested in making, as well as advice regarding them. Our team has the full knowledge and skills to help you purchase shares in existing Dutch companies and give more information about corporate restructuring in the Dutch market. If you are interested in taking over an already established business, we will also be able to assist you in this and help you with the necessary paperwork.

Liquidation, dissolution, and restructuring of Dutch companies

Financial difficulty is always a morose idea, but the truth is that you need to seek advice when you find yourself in such a position. Our Dutch company specialists handle liquidation and dissolution cases with the utmost professionalism and discretion. We are able to give you advice regarding the path forward in terms of recovery and restructuring, and we will assist you with the necessary bankruptcy procedures.

IT Law

If you are running an IT business, you should be aware of the Information Technology (IT) law which governs the distribution of digital data and computer software. The team that makes up our Dutch firm can assist you in advice and representation when it comes to IT law as well as other services such as contracts and negotiations.

Real estate law

Entrepreneurs and foreign investors are always looking to expand their horizons and the Netherlands is the perfect place for you to invest in real estate. Our Dutch firm can assist you with any if the specifics of real estate law including sale and purchase agreements, contracts, negotiations, and due diligence services.

Tax advice

As an entrepreneur you need to have a sound understanding of the Dutch taxation system and we can provide you with fully comprehensive breakdown of it. We will assist you so that your company benefits from the system and we can help you find your bearings in the Dutch fiscal system.

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