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Dutch Company Types

There are several types of legal entities (rechtsvormen) that entrepreneurs can establish in the Netherlands. They can be classified into two groups: Incorporated (compulsory legal form) and unincorporated (legal form is not mandatory). Our Netherlands-based company formation agents can assist you in selecting the correct company type for your business. Incorporated business structures (Rechtvorm met […]

VAT in the Netherlands

VAT IN THE NETHERLANDS The Netherlands uses a value-added tax system (VAT), which is named Belasting toegevoegde waarde (BTW) in Dutch. This system is very similar to the system that is used in other countries of the European Union. Not all transactions are subject to VAT, but in Holland, it is very common to charge […]


Private or Public Liability Company (BV vs. NV) The Netherlands is ranked as one of the most favourable locations for corporate ventures in all of Europe. That being said, while the Netherlands does provide unique advantages for a business to thrive, it is vital to find the right type of company to suit your needs. […]

The Dutch Economy - Growth Through Green Resources

The Netherlands is a country that has always implemented eco-friendly laws and practices, largely due to the environmentally-conscious government. As an effect of the ‘green’ technologies that have been implemented in the country, statistics have shown that The Netherlands has experienced a great surge of financial success. Our company formation specialists are able to give […]

The Netherlands Ranked Fourth In The Global Competitiveness Index

In the recent Global Competitiveness Index, it was published that the Netherlands reached the fourth position on an international level. The index issued by the World Economic Forum showed that the country excelled in education, primary health, infrastructure and business etiquette. The country has fared well in recent years and managed to retain the same position […]

UK Businesses Start Companies In The Netherlands

In the wake of the Brexit referendum, entrepreneurs are taking steps to safeguard their businesses. Although Article 50 has not been invoked yet, many entrepreneurs are already planning how to secure the future of their business. Many United Kingdom based businesses have to cope with the economic uncertainties after the outcome of the Brexit referendum; […]
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