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The Netherlands Ranked Fourth In The Global Competitiveness Index

Updated on 19 February 2024

In the recent Global Competitiveness Index, it was published that the Netherlands reached the fourth position on an international level. The index issued by the World Economic Forum showed that the country excelled in education, primary health, infrastructure and business etiquette.

The country has fared well in recent years and managed to retain the same position as last year. It continues to perform well in maintaining a stable profile for competitiveness, as well as in other fields of business. Education and training are still two of the most important fields that the Dutch continue to invest in, and it is due to this that the workforce remains highly qualified. The report also showed that the country ranked 9th in terms of technology, which is growing at a rapid rate in the state.

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Strong points of the Netherlands

The Dutch are known for their innovative thinking and developments, and this reflects on their business sector as well as their ability to keep up with global trends. One of the strongest aspects of the Netherlands is their transportation infrastructure that is only surpassed by Germany in this regard.

The top ten countries in the Global Competitive Index were as follows: at first position was Switzerland, followed by Singapore, USA, Finland, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the UK, and lastly, Sweden. It was comprised out of 144 countries from all over the world.

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