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Setting up a business in the Netherlands under the Ankara Agreement

If you want to start a company in the Netherlands as a foreigner, there are different sets of rules you will have to comply to. When you are a resident of the European Union (EU), you can generally set up a business without any permits or visa. If you come from a different country, however, […]

7 Basic tips for every starting entrepreneur

There is currently a lot of movement globally, when it comes to doing business. The recent changes in the world and political and economic unrest have resulted in massive company relocations. This doesn’t just entail small businesses, as many well-known multinational corporations have also established headquarters and branch offices in Europe. The Netherlands remains one […]

The Dutch “Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act” – and how to comply

When you aspire to start a business overseas, you should take into account that you will be subjected to entirely new international laws and regulations, which are often much different than the prevalent ones in your home country. This means, that you should always research the country you would like to establish a new business […]

The physical infrastructure in the Netherlands ranked 3rd worldwide, according to the World Economic Forum

It’s quite well known that the Netherlands has one of the best infrastructures in the world. The quality of Dutch roads is nearly unmatched, and all necessary commodities for businesses are always in close proximity due to the relatively small size of the country. You can literally travel to Schiphol airport and the port of […]

What the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means for your company

Privacy is a very big deal nowadays, especially since worldwide massive digitalization happened. The way our data is handled needs to be supervised and regulated in order to prevent certain individuals from misusing or even stealing it. Did you know that privacy is even a human right? Personal data is extremely sensitive and prone to […]

The rights, obligations, and structure of the Dutch private limited company (BV)

When we register Dutch companies for foreign entrepreneurs, by far the largest number of legal entities established are Dutch BVs. This is also known as a private limited company in foreign countries. The reasons why this is such a popular legal entity are many, such as the lack of personal liability for any debts you […]

Is it possible to create your own cryptocurrency?

Is it possible to create your own cryptocurrency? Since the Bitcoin white paper was published in 2008 by the mysterious character known as Satoshi Nakamoto, crypto has literally taken the meaning of ‘currency’ to a whole new level. Until today, almost no one knows the real identity of this person. Nonetheless, he revolutionized the way […]

Why would you choose to establish a business in the Netherlands?

When contemplating the possibility of becoming a business owner, most (future) entrepreneurs generally choose to register their business in their home country. The reason they often state, is because this is the most practical option that doesn’t involve too much hassle and paperwork. When you set up a business in a different country, you automatically […]

What does the extended first financial year mean for your Dutch company?

When you start a Dutch business, you will very often benefit from some startup perks and options. During the first five years of your business, for example, you can opt for the so-called ‘starter deduction’ for three times. This means you will get a discount on your yearly tax return. This is just one example […]

The Netherlands holds the 4th position of the global competitiveness index

In 2020, the Netherlands has reached the 4th position in the latest World Economic Forum ranking of the world’s most competitive economies. This is quite an achievement, considering the relatively small area the Netherlands covers on the world map. Nevertheless, the Dutch are quite apt at creating and keeping solid international relations, and have been […]

The Food and Beverage Industry in the Netherlands

One very lively sector in the Netherlands is the food and beverage industry, which is actually the largest industry in the country. In 2021, more than 6000 companies were active in the food, beverages and tobacco industry. The total turnover amounted to approximately 77.1 billion euros that same year. The share of companies in the […]

The fiscal retention obligation according to Dutch law

When you start a Dutch business, you will need to adhere to all Dutch laws that regulate the business environment. One of such laws is the so-called fiscal retention obligation. This essentially tells you, that you need to archive your business administration for a certain amount of years. Why? Because this allows the Dutch Tax […]
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