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How to start a lifestyle and food supplement company in the Netherlands?

Health is becoming an increasingly hot topic, especially since the pandemic broke out two years ago. A lot of people are looking for easy and practical ways to boost their health, as opposed to taking a wide variety of chemical medications to suppress symptoms of health issues. To stay healthy, it’s very important to eat […]

How to establish a Dutch record label?

How to establish a Dutch record label? When thinking about starting a business, most people think about regular business types such as a sales company, a business in logistics or maybe a web shop.  But artists also very often have business aspirations, which turn out to be extremely successful in some cases. This is especially […]

10 things Intercompany Solutions can do for your startup in the Netherlands

Are you a foreign based entrepreneur who wants to establish a company abroad? And have you already considered the Netherlands as a base of operations? This would be an exceptionally good bet for you, as Holland is one of the most economically stable countries in the world. The country also has a solid reputation when […]

Corporate tax service

Every Dutch company has to deal with taxes and the obligation to adhere to Dutch tax laws, as well as possible foreign tax laws if you do business internationally. When you own multiple corporations in different countries, you will also be subjected to foreign taxation laws and regulations, next to the applicable Dutch laws. This […]

The benefits of establishing a business in the Netherlands in 2022

Owning a business in the Netherlands proves to be a solid investment time and time again. This is also the reason why many foreign entrepreneurs decide to branch out to Holland, or even start a completely new business here. There are many different business opportunities within several interesting niches, making it possible for you to […]

Memorandum Dutch DGA

1.    Introduction In this memorandum, we aim to provide you with advice about the best way to set up a solid company structure. This also involves making it tax compatible and profitable. We are going to look at factors such as the structure of the company, income taxes and the minimum wage for the director-shareholder […]

Buying a business in the Netherlands as a foreigner: a quick guide

We deal a lot with foreign entrepreneurs who want to start an entirely new business in the Netherlands, in order to expand their expertise and company’s reach. But did you know; that you can also choose to buy an already existing (successful) Dutch company? In many cases, this can prove to be a good investment, […]

Expertise - Mergers & Acquisitions

Whilst we have many clients whom aspire to start a  new company in the Netherlands, we also do business with already established companies. In many cases, it can be profitable to expand your business by either merging with another company or corporation, or acquiring an already existing successful business within your niche. If this business […]

How to convert your sole proprietorship to a Dutch BV: tips and advice

Many entrepreneurs start with a sole proprietorship, only to want to convert their business at a later stage to a Dutch BV. There are many reasons to convert your sole proprietorship to a private limited company, most of which we will discuss in this article. One main reason is the fact, that above a certain […]

Establishing a Dutch BV with multiple shareholders: what are the pros and cons?

When you start a company, there are some details to consider beforehand. Such as the market you want to operate in, the name of your company, the location of your company and, also, the amount of people that will be involved with the company. This last part can be tricky, since not everyone wishes to […]

5 services Intercompany Solutions can assist your company with

Whether you want to open a new business in the Netherlands, or branch out your current business, there are many ways in which our company can assist you along the way. We have been active in the company establishment sector for many years, working alongside starting as well as already existing entrepreneurs from many different […]

EBIT and EBITDA: everything you need to know

If you would like more insight into the actual profitability of your company, then the term EBIT definitely deserves your attention. This abbreviation is often confused with EBITDA, but those two are not quite the same. We will discuss the difference between both extensively in this article. In essence, there are several ways to analyze […]
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