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10 things Intercompany Solutions can do for your startup in the Netherlands

Updated on 26 June 2023

Are you a foreign based entrepreneur who wants to establish a company abroad? And have you already considered the Netherlands as a base of operations? This would be an exceptionally good bet for you, as Holland is one of the most economically stable countries in the world. The country also has a solid reputation when it comes to doing business, and structurally shows up high in international business, innovation and competitiveness rankings. You also have the advantage of having a world-famous port in Rotterdam nearby, as well as an internationally renowned airport in Amsterdam. And these locations are only an hour apart, making any location between these two cities ideal for a (international) logistics business.

Once you decide that you want to establish a Dutch company, we can imagine that the sheer amount of things you have to do and arrange might put you off a little bit. Therefore, we have made a list of all the possible aid we can provide you with during the establishment of your company, and also afterwards. Our service doesn’t stop when your company is registered; on the contrary. If you have any questions or insecurities about the subject, Intercompany Solutions is there for you to make you feel confident about all your business endeavors. Read on for helpful tips and information.

1. Help you with a fitting company name

One of the first things you think about when contemplating about starting your own business, is the name of your future company. It needs to reflect the product and/or service, but also the market in general. Next to that, the title of your company needs to appeal to a large target audience, in order for your service and/or product to become successful. Naturally, much time is generally spent to acquire the perfect company name. When you think about a possible company name, take in factors such as:

  • What is it that you will be offering?
  • Is it a regional product and/or service, or do you want to do business internationally?
  • Is there anything you want to stand out about your company?
  • Are there any special references or colors you want to use for your logo?
  • To what kind of audience do you want to appeal?

These questions will help you in deciding the best name. Keep in mind, that it’s wise to do some research into your target audience and find out more about them. What is their age group, do they have hobby’s and preferences, where do they live, what do they want? Once you have answered such questions, it’s way easier to find an appealing company name that will ring right in the ears of your target audience. If you need support, you can always call us for helpful advice.

2. Explore the best location for your company in the Netherlands

Next to the name of the company, the location is also of the utmost importance. This is especially true, if your company will be focused on some logistical activities such as import and export, or drop-shipping. In such cases, it’s important that you are based next to a highway, that has good connections with ports and airports. If you decide to settle in the Netherlands, anywhere in the ‘Randstad’ (the central part of the Netherlands that is also most densely populated) will be good. But it’s not only important to think about the location when you are starting a logistics company: in essence, every company should think about the location of its headquarters. You will have many clients visiting you, as well as investors and potential future business partners. Thus, it’s important that your offices are easily accessible by multiple ways of transportation. Furthermore, we can state that a business address in a large city looks much more professional, than an address in a small town no one knows. Intercompany Solutions can think along with you, regarding the best address for your new company.

3. Provide you with advice concerning your business plan

A very important part of your business, is your business plan. A business plan shows potential investors and other interested parties, what your goals are with your company, and how you intend to attain these goals. It should include chapters such as:

  • An introduction
  • Information about you and your company
  • Your personal goals and ambitions
  • Your daily and general business activities
  • The services/products you will offer
  • The legal entity of your company
  • A marketing plan
  • A SWOT-analysis
  • Future prognosis of your niche/sector
  • Insurance and permits/visas you might need
  • A financial plan backed by a prognosis and financial analysis

As you can see, a standard business plan is rather elaborate. Why? Because it’s mainly the business plan you use, in order to attract investors and financing. If you need to buy a lot of machinery, for example, chances are you need an investor. A business plan will make it easy for third parties to see what you want to achieve with your company, how you plan on doing this, and whether your goals are realistically attainable. Without a business plan, you can basically forget about receiving a loan from the bank. Of course, Intercompany Solutions is ready to assist you, wherever you need.

4. Assist you with ways to attract investors

Once you have a business plan, you can look around for investors and/or financing. But do you know all the routes and platforms you can use nowadays? The days in which you could only get financing from a bank are long gone. Today it is entirely possible to receive financing from a third party, such as an angel investor, or maybe an acquaintance who would like to see you succeed. We strongly advise that you inform yourself about all the potential options when it comes to investments and financing, to be able to figure out which option would suit you and your company best. Once you find an appropriate platform, such as crowdfunding for example, it is important that you know which documents and information you will need to have a chance at actually receiving funds. If you would like assistance with finding a suitable form of financing and/or investor, you can always contact our team for guidance and support. We have an extensive network of national and international entrepreneurs and investors, which is why we are generally able to point you in the right direction.

5. Provide you with advice about hiring employees

Do you want to start a company that will also hire personnel? Then you will need to inform yourself about Dutch labor laws and everything related to employment. For example, there are multiple ways in which you can hire employees:

  • Via a fixed contract
  • Via a temporary contract
  • Via a temping agency
  • Via a payroll construction
  • Hiring a freelancer is also an option

A lot of companies choose a payroll construction, since the company that pays the salaries is also the legal employer of the personnel you have working for you. This saves you a lot of time and hassle with keeping your administration up-to-date, as the payroll company takes care of this entirely. If you want to hire employees with your own company, we advise you to read about the various contracts you can offer, and which option would be most suitable for your company. You can always contact us for information regarding this subject and personal advice.

6. Assist you with payroll services

If you want to outsource employment, then payrolling is by far the best option for you. Intercompany Solutions can take care of the entire process for you, so you only have to make sure that your employees feel at home with your company and know what to do on a day-to-day basis. We can also guide you towards other companies that offer payroll services, for example if you want the company to be physically close to the location of your own company. In any case, we can provide you with all the advice and services you need in order to hire employees legally and correctly. If you don’t know what an appropriate salary would be, we can also assist you with calculating a competitive salary for your employees. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding employment and/or payroll services.

7. Establish your company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Tax Authorities

Once you have figured out all preparatory actions and have taken care of them all, it’s time to finalize your plans and actually register your company in the Netherlands. When you aren’t well-acquainted with the company registration process, it might seem a bit daunting and extensive. You will need to collect documents and paperwork, such as your future company’s name, valid identification of you and potential business partners, the company’s address and so on. If you would like to take care of this entire process smoothly and rapidly, we advise you to outsource it to a professional company such as Intercompany Solutions. We have been taking care of the registration process of foreign and national companies for multiple years now, and with tremendous success. If you provide us with all the information we need in order to register your company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, we can take care of the process in just a few business days (provided that there are no surprises regarding you as a person or other setbacks). Afterwards, you will also automatically receive a VAT-number (in Dutch: BTW), so you basically can start doing business immediately!

8. Open a Dutch bank account

If you want to be able to do business nationally and internationally, you also need a bank account for your company. A business account differs from a personal account, since it’s linked to your business and not to you personally. This also aids you in keeping your business and private affairs separated, which is good for your general overview. If you want to open a Dutch bank account, it’s smart to first research all the available banks and what they offer exactly. The rates vary a lot, and are often dependent on the amount of profit you make. There are also banks that put time and effort in sustainability and the environment. If this is something you care about, we suggest that you choose a bank that has similar views and ambitions about the world. If you need any assistance with opening a bank account, then Intercompany Solutions can take care of this for you. If you let us know the bank of your choosing, we will immediately start the procedure.

9. Help you with your taxes

Once your company has been established and active, you will be burdened by taxes. Alas, it’s no different anywhere in the world. Since you are establishing a Dutch business, you will also be legally required to pay taxes in the Netherlands. You can find all current rates on the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst). If you also ship goods or offer services internationally, you will need to figure out where VAT should be paid. The Netherlands has a vast array of tax treaties with both EU-member states and countries outside of the European Union, that dictate where and when you should pay certain taxes. If you prefer personal advice about the subject, then feel free to contact us anytime with your tax-related questions. We can also take care of your yearly tax return and periodical tax return, so you can rest assured that you are complying with Dutch taxation laws and regulations. Please do note that if you don’t, you risk hefty fines and even incarceration. Make sure your administration is well-maintained and up-to-date at all times.

10. Business and legal advice in a wide variety of matters

As you can see, there is a large plethora of ways in which Intercompany Solutions can assist you. Next to general matters, we can also provide aid and advice in more complicated legal matters, such as mergers and acquisitions, setting up one or more branch offices, converting your business to a new legal entity and partnering up with third parties, to name but a few. If you ever need support regarding legal and fiscal matters, you can count on us. We can evaluate your situation, research the best options for you, and provide you with solid and efficient advice on how to proceed. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you are in search of legal assistance.

Intercompany Solutions is there for your company: from A to Z

Whether you want to establish an entirely new company, set up a branch office, need help with your yearly tax return or simply have a legal question about doing business in the Netherlands: Intercompany Solutions is there for you every step of the way. We can take care of entire processes, but also help you with questions and support in between your daily business activities. We love to see entrepreneurs thrive and do all we can to ensure your company has the best possible basis for success, right from the start. You can take a look at our website to inform yourself about all the services we offer, but you can also contact us directly with any of your business-related questions. Our experienced team will do everything in their power to get back to you as soon as possible, with viable and effective solutions.

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