How to determine good rates for your business? A practical guide

One of the most difficult things to consider when you just started a business, is setting the rate you want to charge your (future) clients. Many starting entrepreneurs are unsure what to do, since there is a very fine line between undercharging and overcharging.  You don't want to pull yourself out of the market with […]

Service - Corporate compliance

If you aspire to establish a Dutch business, you will need to inform yourself about certain compliance obligations. Every business or corporation that will conduct business in the Netherlands, needs to register itself officially at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, and subsequently also at the Dutch Tax Authorities. This is due to national tax purposes […]

What happens with a Dutch BV when a director passes away?

Some questions are better left unasked, especially when the subject is rather bleak. The passing away of any person or a company succession is never a positive conversational topic, nonetheless it deserves attention, especially in the context of business matters. For example, if you are the owner of a Dutch BV and you pass away: […]

How to establish a foundation or NGO in the Netherlands?

Have you ever considered setting up a foundation? Most businesses are mainly focused on generating profit, whilst foundations generally serve a higher and more idealistic purpose. A foundation is a completely different legal entity, than, for example, a sole proprietorship or Dutch BV. The establishment of a foundation therefore also involves a different set of […]

Launching an ICO for your crypto company in the Netherlands: information and advice

If you are currently the owner of a crypto company, or plan to establish one in the near future, then launching an ICO can be an interesting way for you to raise funds for your business. It can also allow you to create a new coin, service or app. An ICO is essentially a profitable […]

Tax treaty denounced between the Netherlands and Russia per January the 1st, 2022

On the 7th of June last year, the Dutch government informed the cabinet about the fact, that the Russian government has officially agreed to the termination of the double taxation treaty between the Netherlands and Russia. Therefore, as of January 1, 2022, there is no longer a double taxation treaty between the Netherlands and Russia. […]

How to establish a consultancy business in the Netherlands? A general guide

Ever wanted to operate as an independent consultant? In the Netherlands, you can benefit from many possibilities to achieve this dream. Starting a consultancy business involves a lot of thinking on your part though, before you actually establish the business. So where do you start? Whether you are an independent communication consultant, a legal consultant […]

Turkish business owners are moving their companies to the Netherlands

Intercompany Solutions is receiving a growing amount of company registration requests from Turkey. During the past weeks, the annual inflation rate in Turkey has risen to a dangerously high level of 36.1 percent. This is the highest rate ever recorded in the past 19 years. This high inflation also exceeds the rates of average savings […]

Start Dutch Subsidiary Brexit: European customs

During the past decade, we have seen a steady rise of companies establishing a subsidiary in the Netherlands. There are multiple reasons to do this, for example to be able to access the European Single Market. Currently, this is especially profitable for company owners in the United Kingdom, since the UK has been mostly cut […]

Can you move the statutory seat of a foreign company to the Netherlands?

A lot of the entrepreneurs  we do business with are starting an entirely new company, often from abroad. But in some cases you might already own a company, which you would like to move to a more stable and economically thriving location. Is this possible? And, more importantly; is it possible to move your company […]

5 promising business sectors in the Netherlands

5 business sectors enabling you to achieve success in the Netherlands If you are a foreign entrepreneur and you are considering in which country you should set up your business, the Netherlands might just be one of your best bets right now. Even during a global pandemic, the Netherlands have maintained a stable economy with […]

How to open a restaurant or bar in The Netherlands?

One of the most flourishing and successful sectors in the Netherlands is the hospitality and tourism sector. On a yearly basis, approximately 45 million people go on vacation in the country. Around 20 million of these people are foreigners, making this a booming sector that is always vibrant. There are more than 4,000 hotels in […]
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