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Investment Opportunities in the Netherlands

Updated on 19 February 2024

The open economy in the Netherlands welcomes international entrepreneurs. The Dutch market is constantly growing and offers plenty of trade opportunities in all economic sectors.

Why invest in the Netherlands

Although small, the Netherlands is a wealthy country and its business climate allows companies to check the feasibility of their products before exporting them worldwide. Most Dutch people speak English well and welcome new products and ideas. This is why Holland is often perceived as a gateway to the European continent.

In Holland, the government supports the development of innovative products by offering companies different grants, tax benefits and innovation credits. The European Union also has several innovation-related grant schemes.

The government works closely with universities, research centres and the private sector, establishing top consortia for innovation and knowledge. This alliance works to place innovative services and products on the national market. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy also provides an incentive for entrepreneurs who wish to investments in research.

The Netherlands Foreign Investment agency has released a report on foreign investment in the Netherlands over 2017, and 2018.

Investment opportunities by sector

Agriculture and food

This is a thriving Dutch sector that includes both manufacturing and farming.

Read here on the Dutch agriculture and food sector.

Haulage / Logistics

The sectors of export and import are major for the Dutch economy. The businesses involved in international trade require logistic support and present various possibilities.

Read here on the Dutch logistics sector.

Innovative high-technology products

Holland is famous for its innovative inventions, e.g. Wi-fi, Bluetooth and Compact Discs. The Dutch government offers financial support to innovative enterprises. It also assists businesses to quickly place their innovative services and products on the market.

Read here on the Dutch high tech industry.

Propagation materials and horticulture

The sector of horticulture is leading on the global market of plants, bulbs, reproductive material and flowers.

Read here on the Dutch horticulture industry.

Health and life science

Holland has excellent infrastructure to facilitate clinical research, measures for tax support, strategic location and good business climate. It provides companies working in the field of life science with a gateway to the market of Europe. The environment of the sector is great for business acceleration and expansion.

Read here on the Dutch life sciences and health sector.

Chemicals, gas and petroleum products

The Dutch chemical sector brings huge profits. The port of Rotterdam, the country’s developed infrastructure, the local knowledge institutions and the qualified labour force offer outstanding opportunities to international businesses.

Read here on the Dutch chemical industry.

The creative industry

The creative industries in Holland are internationally recognized and have a particularly good reputation with respect to architecture, interior design, fashion and gaming.

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