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Netherlands measures for additional CO2 reduction

Updated on 26 June 2023

Nature, and especially sustaining nature, is increasingly becoming a hot topic within our entire  society. Due to the exponentially large growth of the amount of world citizens, new problems have arisen that continually need the government’s attention. One of these problems is the high current CO2 emission, which is mainly caused by the bio-industry, automobiles and other factors that contribute to a lower oxygen level. The earth is blessed with trees in order to transform CO2 to breathable oxygen, but with a simultaneous cutting of trees and polluting the quality of the air, extra measures have to be taken to achieve a sustainable situation.

New guidelines for businesses and consumers

The Dutch government has announced measures  in the past to further reduce CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. The Netherlands will have to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% in 2020, compared to the year 1990. This is the result of a judgment of the District Court of The Hague in the Urgenda case, which became irrevocable. The measures taken by the Dutch parliament also contribute to the reduction of nitrogen emissions in the Netherlands. In implementing the package of measures, the government also takes into account the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on CO2 emissions. A scenario study by the Dutch Environmental Agency (PBL) shows that the Corona virus could have a significant impact on emissions in 2020, whilst the longer-term impact is likely to be limited. As a view of this uncertainty, measures for the coal sector will be re-examined on the basis of the new emission figures.

With the help of an emissions cap, the government will limit the CO2 emissions of modern coal-fired power plants. In addition, the government is taking measures for consumers. A further 150 million euros will be made available for the program to reduce energy consumption, which will enable consumers to be compensated. Some examples include LED lamps or sustainable heating systems. In addition to homeowners, tenants and SMEs can also make use of this program.

Housing associations will also receive a discount on the landlord's levy if they invest in a more sustainable design of their homes. The conversion of plants and the additional reductions in nitrous oxide emissions may also be accelerated in order to implement the Urgenda ruling. Much of the cost of the package of measures is paid for with funds from the SDE incentive program. The level of investment will depend on the final measures. The government therefore expects an economic upturn in several sectors.

Innovative ideas to further reduce CO2 emission

Green and sustainable energy is very high on the Dutch agenda. Hence, many start-ups from foreign countries invest in this sector as it is constantly evolving. Further goals of the Dutch government include switching to entirely CO2 neutral resources by 2025, and put a halt to natural gas production and consumption. Currently, more than  90% of Dutch households are heated with gas and many large (production) companies too. Reducing the amount of natural gas use will substantially lower CO2 emission. The Netherlands government has formulated a new policy in the Energy Agreement and Energy Report.

Next to switching to greener solutions, the Dutch also want to completely reduce greenhouse gases before 2030. This will imply a need for inventive ideas and new ways of thinking, which in turn also offers possibilities for entrepreneurs in the clean energy sector. If you always wanted to contribute to society in a profitable way, this might be a perfect chance to do exactly that.

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