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Start a Logistics Company in the Netherlands

Updated on 19 February 2024

The worldwide transport of goods increases in distance and volume every day. The Netherlands plays a major role in the world market thanks to its developed logistics.

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A world trade centre

Logistics relates to the expertise and knowledge necessary for effective planning, performance and streaming of information and goods. The Netherlands is an age-old centre of world trade. It has two major European cargo ports, Rotterdam and Schiphol, and the drive from one to the other takes less than an hour. The country is a main logistics hub with respect to freight transport to Europe and, therefore, a desirable location for international companies.

The expanding global trade and the increasing transportation of commodities worldwide require efficient and sustainable logistics. Various new measures for reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions of the sector are in place: e.g. use of quayside electricity by ships in ports and hybrid vehicles for delivery in urban areas.

The logistics sector in the Netherlands has the ambition to become a global leader by 2020 thanks to sustainable innovation. Logistics also plays a key role for all other industries: from raw material to finished product transportation. The sector generates a profit of €55 billion a year and provides employment for 813 000 people creating a strong driving force for the national economy.

Five major factors for the key role of the Netherlands in the logistics industry of the world

1. Connecting consumers and producers worldwide

Holland is a key player in the global economy, connecting consumers and producers around the world through complex logistics. Its success lies in the combination of top service providers, modern infrastructure and a convenient coastal location in the middle of Europe. Its strategic location on the coast provides direct access to the continent’s market and its 500+ million end users.

2. Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and Rotterdam Port

Rotterdam Port is the largest port in Europe and the fourth largest in the world, while Schiphol Airport is a major passenger and air-freight hub. They offer the services of leading providers in the area of logistics and are connected with a large network of railways, roads, pipelines and inland waterways. This combination makes the Netherlands a gateway to continental Europe with very active water and road transport.

3. Excellent infrastructure

The Global Economic Forum rates the infrastructure’s quality as one of the best worldwide, with modern facilities for air, maritime, railroad and road transportation, ranked 4th, 1st, 7th and 2nd, respectively for 2015. In 2015, the Business School of IMD ranked Holland first in the world with respect to its infrastructure for water transport.

4. Wide-ranging application of IT

Holland uses extensively Information Technology in order to provide optimised solutions for the supply chain in industries where time has crucial importance (e.g. flowers and food).

5. Sustainability is a priority

Holland is also pioneering developments with respect to silent logistics and environmentally sustainable operations.

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