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The benefits of being Xero certified: simplify your online administration

Since the start of e-commerce and a continually growing amount of online businesses, the various innovative options for handling an online administration have been booming as well. One of these successful software companies is named Xero: an online administration solution that offers easily accessible accounting software for entrepreneurs all over the world. Especially online webshops […]

Checklist for closing down your Netherlands small business

You can always quit your business or cease trading. You do not need permission for this. There is a lot to consider with company closure (also called liquidation). But what rules and permits will you have to deal with? What are the tax implications? What should you do with your registration in the Trade Register […]

Hiring staff in the Netherlands: information for foreign business owners

If you have ambitions to start a Dutch company, chances are you might also have to hire employees. Of course this depends a lot on the type of business you choose. For example; if you open an e-commerce business, you might be able to take care of all business activities yourself, or with the help […]

Tax on the inheritance of a company

So, if I inherit a company in the Netherlands, do I have to pay inheritance tax or gift tax? Yes, if you inherit or receive a business as a gift, you pay tax. How much? That depends on the value of the company. And sometimes you get an exemption. If you continue the business, you […]

The Netherlands in favor of eliminating tax havens

During the past decade, there has been an emphasis on eliminating tax avoidance by multinational corporations in the Netherlands. Due to the many benefits the country provides in terms of tax reduction opportunities, it became a tax haven for enormous oversees multinationals that abuse these rules for one single purpose: tax avoidance. Since every company […]

How to start a Bol.com partner company in the Netherlands

A lot of entrepreneurs all over the world choose to start an affiliate company. International multinationals such as Amazon.com have proven to be a very effective and safe method of earning an income, whilst not being subject to some of the risks that starting an entirely new company can entail. In the Netherlands Bol.com has […]

Information about starting a franchise company in the Netherlands

Do you have certain ambitions about starting a company oversees? Then the Netherlands definitely proves to be a very attractive and competitive destination. Whilst some potential entrepreneurs have very detailed and personalized business plans and ideas, some others might have a harder time coming up with a fitting goal or business idea. In such cases, […]

Hiring staff and payroll accounting Netherlands

Hiring staff involves more red tape than you might think. Here are the things you need to know if you are planning to take on some new employees. You can only employ official staff if the person who works for your company meets several requirements. Someone is considered an employee when he or she: - […]

The Dutch economy in 2021: facts and information

Starting a company oversees can involve many important choices, such as choosing the most profitable location and country for establishment. The Netherlands has been holding top positions in many economic and financial listings, due to the stable nature of the Dutch economy. In this article we will outline some interesting facts about the economy in […]

Netherlands measures for additional CO2 reduction

Nature, and especially sustaining nature, is increasingly becoming a hot topic within our entire  society. Due to the exponentially large growth of the amount of world citizens, new problems have arisen that continually need the government’s attention. One of these problems is the high current CO2 emission, which is mainly caused by the bio-industry, automobiles […]

Business taxes in the Netherlands: a quick overview

If you would like to set up a business in the Netherlands, you will need to take into account that this means you will also have to pay several business taxes. The exact amount and type(s) of tax(es) you will need to pay depend on the legal entity you choose, your business activities and several […]

Foreign multinational corporations & the Netherlands annual budget

The Netherlands has implemented quite a few priorities from the government’s fiscal agenda, which are combined into the 2021 Tax Plan. This includes several legislative taxation proposals, as well as the main Netherlands’ 2021 Budget. The measures are aimed at the reduction of taxation of employment income, to actively combat tax avoidance, to support a […]
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