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New VAT rules for e-commerce in the EU from the 1st of July 2021

If you want your Dutch e-commerce company to do business in the entire European Union, you will have to deal with different VAT rules than those that apply if you only deliver to customers in the Netherlands. A number of basic rules apply to VAT in the EU. This includes certain threshold amounts for the […]

The Netherlands is still an attractive destination: even during Corona times

With worldwide lockdowns and infrastructural restrictions, it proved to be very tough for many companies and entrepreneurs to keep operating on a normal scale. In the UK specifically, Brexit also makes business as usual very difficult. Due to Brexit, companies in the UK can no longer profit from the free movement of services and goods […]

Opening a cannabis industry company in the Netherlands

Have you ever considered starting a company in the Netherlands in the soft drug industry? Then there are a lot of things you should know beforehand, as you otherwise might be confronted with the risk of criminal charges. The sale and possession of drugs is technically a criminal offense by law. In order to reduce […]

The number of UK companies coming to the Netherlands is steadily rising

Due to Brexit a lot has changed for the UK. Many company owners are becoming restless, since trade with the European Union has become significantly more complicated when a company solely operates from the UK. This is the main reason that the amount of companies wanting to settle oversees keeps rising; and one of the […]

Stricter tax demands for multinationals in the Netherlands

Tax evasion is a worldwide problem, which makes it necessary for governments to actively monitor this problem and deal with it accordingly. In the Netherlands this has also been a hot topic during the past few years, which instigated some government reforms in order to impose stricter rules. However, since these government reforms do not […]

Starting an Amazon store in the Netherlands

The biggest e-commerce giant Amazon has become increasingly popular in the last years. Many starting and experienced entrepreneurs have started selling their goods with their own Amazon store. Since 10 March 2020, Amazon has expanded to The Netherlands. Bringing new opportunities for online vendors to start their business in the Netherlands. Bol.com is currently the […]

Want to start a business in CBD oil in the Netherlands?

During the past decade, alternatives to modern medicine have become exponentially popular. CBD oil especially has made quite the impact on society, as a very large amount of different illnesses and symptoms can apparently be alleviated or even cured with CBD oil. Of course this has also had an impact on the commercial market, as […]

Doing business in the Netherlands after Brexit

The United Kingdom has left The European Union and European Economic zone since 1 January 2021. How does it affect your business? Many companies in The United Kingdom had regulatory access to the European Economic Area. This means that licenses could often be easily passported from the United Kingdom to Europe. Logistics we’re kept relatively […]

Dutch accounting and audit requirements: all you need to know

Once you start a business in the Netherlands, you will soon experience that this country has a strictly regulated professional environment for corporations and businesses. The financial statement can be seen as the basis of the corporate regime in Holland, as well as audits and publications of audits. In this article we will offer you […]

Several interesting industry opportunities in the Netherlands

If you choose to start or continue a business in the Netherlands, you are lucky enough to choose from several very successful industries. The Dutch are well known for their innovative spirit, their architectural prowess as well as their openness to new ideas. In short; the Netherlands are a true heaven for any starting entrepreneur. […]

Setting up an e-commerce business in the Netherlands can be profitable in several ways

The e-commerce business has seen an extremely rapid worldwide increase during the past decades. Since the beginning of global internet access, an almost infinite amount of doorways has opened for entrepreneurs to sell and make money online. Of course this also means the retail business has seen a massive overhaul, as many products and services […]

The Dutch high tech industry: a potential goldmine for innovative thinkers

If you are an innovative entrepreneur and would like to pilot your ideas in a welcoming and innovative atmosphere, the Netherlands might just be the place for you. Some of the high tech industries in this country are amongst the leading in the world, mostly due to cutting-edge research and development and highly modern facilities. Dutch technological […]
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