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Amsterdam: A Dynamic European Capital

Updated on 18 May 2022

According to a research by Savills Investment Management, Amsterdam remains among the 5 most dynamic European cities for a number of years. The factors used in the ranking are focused mainly on the suitability for new investments. Cambridge, London and Paris are among the other top cities.

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The top qualities of Amsterdam

The research performed by Savills covers 130 European cities and compares them with respect to six particular characteristics: inclusiveness, innovation, inspiration, interconnection, investment and infrastructure. The city of Amsterdam ranked 5th among these jurisdictions with outstanding scores for innovation and investment.

The report underlines Amsterdam’s top qualities and mentions that it is the main Dutch commercial and financial centre with a growing community involved in technology and start-up.

The report states that the top dynamic cities have innovative companies, universities of high quality, ambitious projects for investment in infrastructure and good abilities to maintain a highly professional workforce.

Other Dutch cities ranked in the report are The Hague at the 50th spot, Eindhoven at 48th and Utrecht at 46th place. The Hague is also 8th on the continent with respect to innovation.

If you would like to learn more about the Netherlands, please read our article The Netherlands, An Introduction. In the article, you will find information on the Dutch workforce, tax regulations and background of the country.

Investments in the Dutch Amsterdam

The Dutch government welcomes and stimulates international investments. No special legal policies exist for international investments and the companies can hold 100 percent of their branches in the country. There are many options to obtain tax incentives in the Netherlands, e.g. subsidies or loans for projects in Research and Development and particularly in the field of protection of the environment. Employment premiums can be obtained for opening new job positions. The country has also adopted special policies for international employees. Our Dutch team of lawyers can give you more information about these benefits.

The most common business forms preferred by international investors in the capital and other cities in the Netherlands are private and public companies with limited liability and branches.

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