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Amsterdam, a Top Location for Foreign Companies

Updated on 19 February 2024

For three years now an unprecedented number of firms have set up a new business in Amsterdam. Only in 2016, more than 150 multinational corporations have opened locations in the metropolitan area of the Dutch capital. This is a sign that Amsterdam is not only the prime business hub of the Netherlands but of the continent as well.

The city is an attractive destination for many international investors. Our local lawyers can assist you in opening a subsidiary or a branch of an international company in the country.

Amsterdam is an attractive location for international companies

IBM’s report on global trends confirms the competitiveness of Amsterdam as a destination for foreign companies. The city is ranked third in attracting international investments, but also fourth in PwC’s ranking for opportunities and EY’s European survey.

Amsterdam owes its global attractiveness to its agreeable business climate and its capability to remain stable throughout a year full of business challenges in Europe. Some international companies fearing the consequences of Brexit have opted for relocation and have chosen the Netherlands for their new bases of operations.

Establishing headquarters in the Dutch capital

The Netherlands offers many benefits for international companies. Some of its most attractive features are its convenient European location, developed connectivity and infrastructure, numerous opportunities for business and employment, and a suitable pool of qualified and talented Dutch and international workers.

The process for company registration in the Netherlands is easy, with different possibilities for incorporation. EU companies are free to open branches in the country, while other international corporations can register subsidiaries.

The increasing number of companies opening headquarters in the country does not come from Europe alone. Some of the biggest players of the year also come from the regions of North Africa and the Middle East. North American corporations account for more than a half of all expanding businesses in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam.

If you need more information on how to start your business in Amsterdam, please, contact our law firm in the Netherlands.

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