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Everything You Need To Know About The Dutch Company Register

Updated on 19 February 2024

When starting a business in the Netherlands one of the first steps is to enlist your business in the Dutch Company Register (Dutch: Kamer van Koophandel). This database can help you to search business names, activities, registration numbers, and accounting information. You can find out if a company you are engaging in business with is real and legally capable of conducting business. The Netherlands Company Register can also help you find out if someone is an authorized signatory for a certain company.

The Dutch company register

Every company that does business in the Netherlands is listed on the Dutch Company Register, also known as ”Chamber of Commerce”, ”Dutch Trade Register” and ”Dutch Business Register”. The available information for each company includes the name and address of the business, telephone number, the number of employees, and details about the company’s representatives. You can also find out financial background such as any bankruptcies that may have occurred in the history of the company. Most of the information found on the Chamber of Commerce is free of charge, yet, financial statements, documents that have been filed on behalf of the company, history of the company, and corporate relationships are among the extras that can be purchased.

How to register in the Dutch trade register

The process of becoming registered can be fairly simple with the help of Intercompany Solutions. You must have the deed of incorporation, shareholder’s details, details about the company’s managers, bank references about the deposited share capital, and authorization for Intercompany Solutions to act on your behalf. Once all of this information is gathered and submitted you will be issued an access code. Only people with access codes are able to view the information contained in the Netherlands Trade Registry.

Before you can be registered with the Dutch Company Registry, however, you must complete the necessary forms to obtain approval for your company name. This will ensure that you are legally allowed the rights to the company name you wish to do business under. Intercompany Solutions can also help you submit your company name to the Dutch Company Registry for approval. Intercompany Solutions can assist you with registering at the Dutch trade register. Most commonly for a Dutch company registration would be a B.V. company, a BV needs to be registered at a Dutch Notary. The registration in the Chamber of Commerce finalizes the process of your Dutch business registration.

Netherlands company register online

Whether you are a natural-born citizen or a citizen of another country that is looking to open a business, the Netherlands can suit you well. Due to the bilingual capabilities of most residents, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce is also set up with a bilingual website. English and Dutch versions of the site are available to create ease of use by people even beyond the borders of the Netherlands. This adds to the user-friendly website that makes information easily accessible in both languages. Another key feature to the website is the ease of payment for any additional information you may want to obtain. Online payment is available by using your credit card or iDeal and you can also choose to use direct debit from your bank account.

Dutch Business Register Services

Intercompany Solutions can help with every step in the process of setting up your new business. We can help you with applying for local banking, company establishment, and local representative services if you are working out of the country. Once your business is up and running we can also be of service when it comes to bookkeeping and taxation. Leaving the heavy lifting up to us allows you to focus on the more important aspects of the business. Our full-service package consists of:

  • Opening a Dutch BV company (1-2 working days)
  • Opening a Dutch Company Bank account
  • Assisting services in the first year
  • Obtaining VAT number

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