Intercompany Solutions can assist you with registering a company in the Netherlands.
All documents we require are

  • a Passport copy (I)
  • a Utility Bill (Proof of Address) (II)
  • a Power of Attorney (III).

After we receive the documents, we can proceed with the company register Netherlands and finalize the process with the publication of the incorporation documents in the company register of the Netherlands.

We can perform a company registration in the Netherlands remotely, our clients do not have to travel!

The advantages to registering your company in the Netherlands can be numerous. An EORI number and Dutch VAT number, allow your company to perform business in the Netherlands, even to import goods excluded from VAT advances. This can mean a huge advantage for the cash flow of an import and export company in the Netherlands.

Chamber of commerce or Company register Netherlands?

A Netherlands company registration is finalized by a registration in the Netherlands Trade Register. For representation purposes, you will be seen as a company in the Netherlands and with the Netherlands’ excellent reputation, this will allow you to do business in Europe easier.

A Company register Netherlands may be performed from anywhere globally. Our service is to guarantee a smooth company registration in the Netherlands and assist you to start your new business. We can also assist you with a Dutch VAT number and open a Netherlands company bank account.


Requirements for Registering a Dutch Company

  • The Company needs a unique company name
  • 1 euro minimum share capital
  • You need a Dutch registration address
  • The notary deed needs to be officially translated or provided in English*
  • The Dutch tax office prefers to see that your firm has ties to the Netherlands.**

*We always provide incorporation deeds in English translation, this is included in our pricing.
** Are you buying products from suppliers in the Netherlands, are you selling to Netherlands customers, are you living in the Netherlands, do you have local staff? Any of these points will benefit your position with the tax authorities.

Registering a Dutch corporate bank account

To open a bank account for your firm, you first need to have your company incorporated. After incorporation you may pay the share capital to your own bank account to complete the process. Your bank account can be used right away for business transactions.

We can assist you with the opening of a business bank account in the Netherlands, we work together with several banks.

Netherlands company register search

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce regulates the Netherlands company register, which is a register of all active companies in the Netherlands.

For a new company registration in the Netherlands, the first step you will have to perform is a name check. Is the name of the new Dutch company already taken? A quick search in the Netherlands company register will show if your preferred name is available. Our firm can assist you with registering a name for your Dutch company.

Company register search menu

  • Dutch entity name
  • Company registered address company
  • Contact details
  • Details of company directors
  • Details of company employees

By the Netherlands law, every legal entity will have to deposit annual account information with The Trade Register. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce’s function is to register this information. All annual accounts of Dutch companies are kept up to date by the Netherlands Trade Registry.

Registering a trade name for Netherlands company

The company name you wish to register must be unique for the industry and region in which you are active. The name of your company (‘’Coca Cola BV’’) cannot be an already existing company name. Our agents are happy to perform a check for you to see if the name is still available.

When you form a BV company, the notary will register your desired company name in the chamber of commerce.

To register your trade name in the Netherlands, all you need to do is register your company name and desired trade name in our intake form. If you would like a protected trademark for your company name, you could check with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property. You may also consider an EU trade mark instead, this will be valid in the entire European Union.  To register a trademark worldwide you need to contact the World Intellectual Property Organization.


Document requirement for registering a Netherlands company

When proceeding with the registering of a Dutch company, an entrepreneur will have to answer several questions.

Who will be the shareholders of the company? Who will be the directors of the company? What will be the company activities to be filed in the Netherlands company registry? How many employees are working for the company?

We also require several documents to complete the Netherlands company register:

  • The certified deed of incorporation obtained from a notary
  • The above-mentioned details from the company’s owners and directors
  • A bank reference regarding deposited share capital

We can assist you with setting up a Dutch Company. A company can be established within 2 working days. We even have end-to-end services where you do not need to worry about anything in the first year.

If you have any questions regarding our offer, we are happy to hear from you! We can guarantee to give you the best price for a company register in the Netherlands.

Why the Netherlands is an interesting country to register your business

The Netherlands provides a very good business climate.
Forbes magazine ranked the Netherlands 3rd place in the world as ‘’Best country for doing business’’. The world Economic Forum mentions the Netherlands as the 5th most competitive and innovative economy in the world. The Netherlands is simply the most convenient location to start a business inside the European Union. With a very competitive corporate tax rate.

The Netherlands is a core member of the European Union
Since the golden age in the 17th century, the Netherlands has been a trading country. Because of this, the Netherlands has excellent relations with many foreign countries. The Netherlands is a founding member of the EU. The EU makes it easy and convenient for a company in a member state to do business with any EU country. The Netherlands is one of the most reputable and trusted EU countries.

The Netherlands has an excellent location
The harbour of Rotterdam is one of the worlds largest harbours, and the airport of Amsterdam is one of the top 3 largest airports in the world. Rotterdam and Amsterdam are located within an hours’ drive from eachother.

The Dutch speak your language

The Dutch are well skilled at the English language, with one of the highest percentage of English speaking populations who have English as a secondary language. The Dutch are also schooled in German, French and / or Spanish.

The Dutch universities are renowned for their quality and education standards, making the Dutch economy a powerful one, despite the relatively small size of the country.

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