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Company Register Netherlands

Updated on 19 February 2024

All companies established in The Netherlands must be included in the Netherlands company register (‘Kamer van Koophandel’ in Dutch). When starting a business in the Netherlands, one of the first steps you should take is to enlist your business officially in this register. This database can help you to search business names, activities, registration numbers, and accounting information. You can find out if a company you are engaging in business with is real and legally capable of conducting business.

The Netherlands Trade Register can also help you find out if someone is an authorized signatory for a certain company. If you do not have such a registration, you cannot do business with your company at all. The Dutch business register includes both Dutch companies and branches of international companies operating in the country. They must all be included in the trade register.

The available information for each company includes the name and address of the business, telephone number, the number of employees, and details about the company’s representatives. You can also find out about the company’s financial background, such as any bankruptcies that may have occurred in the history of the business. Most of the information found on the Chamber of Commerce is free of charge, yet, financial statements, documents that have been filed on behalf of the company, history of the company, and corporate relationships are among the extras that can be purchased.

How Intercompany Solutions can assist you 

Are you looking for local experts who know the Netherlands corporate register to help you incorporate a Dutch BV? Then you are at the right address. Our firm has the appropriate expertise to assist with your company registration in the commercial register Netherlands. Any entity providing goods or services to clients and generating profit from this activity is defined as a business. If you would like to make a new entry in the Netherlands’ corporate register, or register a company established abroad, our experts can provide you with the necessary assistance:

  • Our team can register your business in the company register of the Netherlands.
  • We can assist you in setting up a company and complete the registration in the Commercial register Netherlands.
  • We can also register а subsidiary of your international company in the Netherlands trade register. Thus, your branch will be able to easily do business in the EU by obtaining an EORI number, a value-added tax number and an account at a Dutch or European bank.

What do you have to prepare?

We will give you a checklist of questions you need to answer, concerning the company name, the shareholders’ names, etc. This is everything we require to initiate the setup of a Dutch company from a distance in the beginning of the process.

Intercompany Solutions Company Register Netherlands Services

Intercompany Solutions can help you with every step in the process of setting up your new business. We can help you with applying for local banking, company establishment, and local representative services if you are working out of the country. Once your business is up and running, we can also be of service when it comes to bookkeeping and taxation. Leaving the heavy lifting to us allows you to focus on the more important aspects of the business. Our full-service package consists of:

  • Opening a Dutch BV company (1-2 working days)
  • Opening a Dutch Company Bank account
  • Assisting services in the first year
  • Obtaining VAT number

Requirements for Registering a Netherlands Company

The company needs a unique company name
The notary deed needs to be officially translated or provided in English*
1 euro minimum share capital
The Dutch tax office prefers to see that your firm has ties to the Netherlands.**
You need a Dutch registration address

*We always provide incorporation deeds in English translation, this is included in our pricing.

** Are you buying products from suppliers in the Netherlands, are you selling to Netherlands customers, are you living in the Netherlands, do you have local staff? Any of these points will benefit your position with the tax authorities.

Dutch company register online

Whether you are a natural-born citizen or a citizen of another country that is looking to open a business, the Netherlands can suit you well. Due to the bilingual capabilities of most residents, the Dutch Company Register, also known as the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, is also set up with a bilingual website. English and Dutch versions of the site are available to create ease of use by people even beyond the borders of the Netherlands. This adds to the user-friendly website that makes information easily accessible in both languages. Another key feature to the website is the ease of payment for any additional information you may want to obtain. Online payment is available by using your credit , or iDeal, and you can also choose to use direct debit from your bank account.

Incorporating a BV company in the Dutch Business Register

The process of becoming registered can be fairly simple with the help of Intercompany Solutions. You must have the deed of incorporation, shareholder’s details, details about the company’s managers, bank references about the deposited share capital, and authorization for Intercompany Solutions to act on your behalf. Once all of this information is gathered and submitted, you will be issued an access code. Only people with access codes are able to view the information contained in the Netherlands Trade Register.

A Netherlands company registration is finalized by a registration in the Netherlands Trade Register. For representation purposes, you will be seen as a company in the Netherlands and with the Netherlands’ excellent reputation, this will allow you to do business in Europe easier. A company registration in the Netherlands may be performed from anywhere globally. Our service is to guarantee a smooth company registration in the Netherlands and assist you to start your new business. We can also assist you with a Dutch VAT number and apply for a Netherlands company bank account.

The most popular company type for foreign entrepreneurs in the Netherlands is the Dutch ”BV company”. The Dutch BV company is comparable to a Private Limited Liability company. The BV has its own legal rights and the owners and directors are not liable for the actions of the BV company. The current type of BV company may be formed with as little as a €1 share capital deposit. The BV company is nowadays also known as ”Flex BV”, which has to do with the regulations that came into effect on 1 October 2012. This change made it much easier to open a BV company, especially for people with a low amount of starting capital.

To register a BV, you might need a Netherlands incorporation agent to assist you with this rather complicated matter, especially if you don’t have any experience doing this. Such an incorporation agent is specialized in working with foreign entrepreneurs and the particularities of forming a Dutch BV as a foreigner. The incorporation agent has to perform due diligence on the client, identify him and prepare incorporation forms. The incorporation forms will be certified by a notary public and published in the company register Netherlands. When the company register has the information for the new BV company, they will publish this immediately on the ”handelsregister” website.

The BV is fully incorporated when the notary has passed the deed, the company register has published the information in its register and the shareholders have paid up the share capital to the BV company bank account. Intercompany Solutions can assist you during every step of this entire process, since we have many years of experience with the incorporation of foreign firms in the Netherlands. Just contact us for professional personal advice.

Video explainers on starting a Dutch company

YouTube video
YouTube video

What we do

We have assisted hundreds of foreign entrepreneurs from over 50 different nationalities. Our clients range from small one-person startups to multinational corporations. Our processes are aimed at the foreign entrepreneur, we know the most practical ways to assist with your company registration.

We can assist with the full package of company registration in the Netherlands:

  • Opening of a local bank account
  • Administration services
  • Application for VAT or EORI number
  • Tax services
  • Startup assistance
  • Media
  • General business advice

Registering a Dutch corporate bank account

To apply for a bank account for your firm, you first need to have your company incorporated. After incorporation you may pay the share capital to a bank account, that you open after the incorporation, to complete the process. Your bank account can be used right away for business transactions. We can assist you with the application for a business bank account in the Netherlands, since we work together with several banks.

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce regulates the Netherlands Trade Register, which is a register of all active companies in the Netherlands. For a new company registration in the Netherlands, the first step you will have to perform is a name check. Is the name of the new Dutch company already taken? A quick search in the company register Netherlands will show if your preferred name is available. Our firm can assist you with registering a name for your Dutch company.

By the Netherlands law, every legal entity will have to deposit annual account information with The Trade Register. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce’s function is to register this information. All annual accounts of Dutch companies are kept up to date by the Netherlands Trade Register.

Why the Netherlands is an interesting country for new business

The Netherlands has always been at the forefront of innovation, cooperation and unique concepts that fuel a very vibrant yet stable corporate climate. In addition to housing many excellent universities that actively cooperate with all sectors, the Dutch are also very open to new entrepreneurs who can shed some new light on any given situation. Especially foreign investors and potential business owners are welcome here, due to the diversity and challenging perspectives this provides. This open mindset has been a Dutch trait since early history, providing for an excellent business atmosphere that always stimulates growth and evolution. We will shortly outline some interesting factors below.

Why the Netherlands is an interesting country to register your business

The Netherlands Provides A Very Good Business Climate

Forbes magazine ranked the Netherlands 3rd place in the world as ‘’Best country for doing business’’. The world Economic Forum mentions the Netherlands as the 5th most competitive and innovative economy in the world. The Netherlands is simply the most convenient location to start a business inside the European Union. With a very competitive corporate tax rate.

The Netherlands Is A Core Member Of The European Union

Since the golden age in the 17th century, the Netherlands has been a trading country. Because of this, the Netherlands has excellent relations with many foreign countries. The Netherlands is a founding member of the EU. The EU makes it easy and convenient for a company in a member state to do business with any EU country. The Netherlands is one of the most reputable and trusted EU countries.

The Netherlands Has An Excellent Location

The harbour of Rotterdam is one of the worlds largest harbours, and the airport of Amsterdam is one of the top 3 largest airports in the world. Rotterdam and Amsterdam are located within an hours’ drive from eachother.

The Dutch Speak Your Language

The Dutch are well skilled at the English language, with one of the highest percentage of English speaking populations who have English as a secondary language. The Dutch are also schooled in German, French and / or Spanish. The Dutch universities are renowned for their quality and education standards, making the Dutch economy a powerful one, despite the relatively small size of the country.

Associations and memberships

We are constantly improving our standards of quality to deliver impeccable services. 


Intercompany Solutions CEO Bjorn Wagemakers and client Brian Mckenzie are featured in a report for The National (CBC News) ‘Dutch Economy braces for the worst with Brexit’,  in a visit to our notary public on 12 February 2019.

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Intercompany Solutions Dutch Trade Register Services

Intercompany Solutions can help you with every step in the process of setting up your new business. We can help you with applying for local banking, company establishment, and local representative services if you are working out of the country. Once your business is up and running, we can also be of service when it comes to bookkeeping and taxation. Leaving the heavy lifting to us allows you to focus on the more important aspects of the business. Our full-service package consists of:

  • Opening a Dutch BV company (1-2 working days)
  • Opening a Dutch Company Bank account
  • Assisting services in the first year
  • Obtaining VAT number

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