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Open a Trading Company in the Netherlands

Updated on 19 February 2024

The Netherlands is one of the main import/export locations in Europe. With its exceptional infrastructure and major ports, such as those in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, this country is a great place to set up a trading business. Those companies who engage in international trade will have easy access to Europe and the rest of the world because of the Netherlands’ particular geographical and infrastructural advantages.

Trading companies in the Netherlands

Trading companies engage in a wide variety of business activities, including but not limited to importing and exporting; wholesaling; buying and selling; the intermediary sale or purchase of goods; and assisting and counselling other companies in sourcing their supplies.

Dutch trading companies do not have to limit themselves to importing or exporting just one type of item. They can easily diversify their business to suit market conditions anywhere in the world. Trading companies can also specialize in a specific type of product if they desire. Anything from food products to health and beauty items can be traded from a base in the Netherlands.

Trading companies in the Netherlands can also set up their offices in whichever Dutch location they feel would be best for them. They can take advantage of the opportunities in larger cities, like Amsterdam or The Hague. Or, they can set up a shop in one the Netherlands’ smaller cities. All locations will benefit from the same transportation and communication infrastructure that make the Netherlands such a great place to do business.

Setting up a trading company in the Netherlands

An investor who wants to set up a Dutch trading company can either open a branch of an existing international company or create a new legal business entity based in the Netherlands. Opening a branch is easier, but it does not offer as much flexibility as creating a new entity. In terms of potential liability, forming a Netherlands company is also a better option.

Like many other types of businesses, trading companies must also acquire special permits and license in order to operate legally in the Netherlands. There are also rules and regulations regarding the import and export of controlled goods that have been imposed by the Dutch government and must be followed carefully. We can assist you in acquiring all necessary licenses and permits so that your trading company can operate legally. We can also advise you about laws that may affect the types of goods you wish to trade and distribute, and tell you what you must do to follow them.

Our agents in the Netherlands can walk you through the entire process of forming a Dutch trading company. We can assist you in choosing a company name, preparing the necessary documents to form a company, and registering the new business with the Dutch Company Register.

Please contact our Dutch agents to find out how to open a trading company in the Netherlands. We are also happy to discuss with you general details about investments in the Netherlands.

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