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How to Open a Shop in the Netherlands

Updated on 19 February 2024

Foreigners residing in the Netherlands can either work for local businesses or establish their own companies. For the past few years people increasingly choose the second option, relying on the governmental support for start-ups.

One of the profitable businesses foreigners can establish in the Netherlands is shops. There are not many requirements to be fulfilled or licenses to be obtained. One significant advantage is the possibility to stock shops with quality products delivered from local manufacturers and producers. This is particularly convenient for low-cost consumer goods that are sold quickly.

Our local agents in company formation can assist you with the procedure for company registration with the aim to open a shop.

Registration of a shop in Holland

In order to open a shop, first you need to register your company at the Commercial Register. The procedure for company formation in the Netherlands requires:

  • choosing a company name;
  • selecting a form of business;
  • registering the selected entity;
  • registering with the Tax Administration;
  • obtaining a social security registration;
  • applying for a company account in a local bank, an additional merchant account is optional;
  • obtaining the licenses necessary for operation.

As regards the licenses needed for opening a Dutch shop, the requirements vary depending on the offered products.

Licenses necessary for operating a Dutch shop

Of the permits necessary to open a shop in Holland, perhaps the most significant is called a market license. It allows both sole traders and companies to sell products on the Dutch market. This license is provided by the municipality of the area where the business operates.

In addition to the abovementioned market license, opening a Dutch shop implies certain measures for safety that must be considered by the business owners. The sold products need to be insured, and different contracts with the suppliers need to be signed. In particular cases, when selling imported products, the shop owners will have to obtain import permits.

If you need further information on registering a Dutch company, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our local consultants in company registration will assist you with the procedure for business incorporation. You can also check our guide on opening a Restaurant, Cafe or Hotel business in the Netherlands.

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