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Immigration Netherlands

Updated on 19 February 2024

Citizens of member states of the EU and other countries planning to immigrate to the Netherlands have to become familiar with the regulations and rules regarding immigration and visa issue. There are certain conditions you need to consider if you are intending to immigrate to the country. Our local experts in immigration can provide you with thorough information and guidance on the ins- and outs of immigration Netherlands.

The Dutch short-term visa

Non-EU citizens willing to visit the Netherlands for business purposes or tourism need a C-type visa, also called Schengen visa. It is a significant document whose issue requires the provision of the following information and documents by the applicant:

  • identification documents, including valid passport;
  • mandatory medical insurance for short-term visas;
  • details about the financial situation of the applicant;
  • information about the aim of the visit.

Please, note that the granted short-term visa is represented by a stamp in your passport. In case you plan a longer stay in the Netherlands, the local Service of Immigration and Naturalization (IND) can issue a permit for residence, provided that you meet all relevant requirements. Dutch companies intending to hire employees from overseas are able to apply for the necessary visas and work permits so that the international staff can work legally in the country.

Immigration Netherlands: The Dutch long-term visa

The long-term Dutch visa is suitable for individuals who intend to study, travel or live in the country. It is accompanied by an IND-issued permit for permanent residence granted together with the ninety-day long-term visa. Individuals who do not come from member states of the European Union (EU) or Economic Area (EEA) and want to immigrate in the Netherlands have the option to submit an application for a long-term visa through the self-employed visa program. This document grants rights comparable to those of EU citizens with unrestricted entry to the country.

Application for Schengen visa

Immigration to the Netherlands has increased significantly in the past ten years. People with various backgrounds and origins look for better education, work opportunities and quality of life in countries that value such attributes. You can obtain a Schengen visa by applying at the Embassy or Consulate of the Netherlands in your country of residence. The document grants a 90-day unrestricted entry in the Schengen area with a 180-day time frame and a possibility for extension. The visa provides a number of benefits, including multiple entries in many Schengen countries without border control.

Our local immigration lawyers can provide you with additional details on the procedure for obtaining a Dutch start-up visa for the Netherlands.

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