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Dutch Bank Account For Non-Residents

Updated on 19 February 2024

If you are living in a specific country, you can often only open a bank account in that specific country. That is not the case for the Netherlands. At most banks, non-residents can also open up a Dutch bank account to handle their money. And that's not just for personal versions, but also for business versions.

Some of the services related to Dutch bank accounts for non-residents, are collection and payment services, electronic banking, foreign currency exchange, debit and credit cards, guarantees, and fixed term deposits. The costs for such accounts for non-residents would depend on what type it is.

Opening a Dutch bank account

It is possible to start a company without living there. However, in many cases there is no online process to do this. You will have to consult with the bank to find out what service or type of accounts might be best suitable for your needs and requirements. Of course, you can also request the assistance of Intercompany Solutions to do this.

We can help you apply for Dutch bank accounts for non-residents and make sure that the bank gets all the signatures and paperwork that it needs. With our help, this will likely only take a few days. Your company or Dutch subsidiary can be up and running in no time! We offer a 24-hour response time, and can assist succesfully in most cases. Please note that the bank ultimately decides which clients to accept.

Benefits of Dutch checking accounts for non-residents

Having Dutch bank accounts has a number of benefits. For starters; it makes receiving payments from Dutch residents a lot cheaper and easier. This will help you in doing business. The Dutch local payment system is considered as one of the most effective systems in the world. By using this, you can reduce your costs and improve your speed and efficiency.

Opening a Dutch checking account also offers you the possibility to improve your competitive position in the Netherlands. Besides that, you can have current accounts in any convertible currency and you can use the electronic banking and cash management facilities of the bank. In many cases, no commission is charged for currency conversion.

Conditions for opening accounts for non-residents

Opening a bank account for non-residents is fairly easy in the Netherlands. However, you do have to meet some conditions before your company is allowed to open a corporate non-resident account in the Netherlands. To find out more about this, you can request a Corporates Non-Resident Account Information Form from the bank you want to open an account with.

Filling in this form will be the first step in the application procedure. Of course, Intercompany Solutions can be of assistance in this matter. We can contact the bank for all the necessary documentation and we can make sure that all the required information gets presented to the bank.

Let us help you!

So, if you are looking to apply for a Dutch checking account for your business as non-residents, we would gladly help. Who are we? We are Intercompany Solutions, and we act as your advisor when it comes to everything business-related. If you want to open a business in the Netherlands, but do not live there, we can take care of everything you need. The Netherlands is considered to be an excellent jurisdiction to start a business.

We can register your company in just a few days, and we can help you with all the required practical aspects, such as applying for Dutch company checking accounts. Up until now, we have assisted in forming more than 1000 companies. We offer a free initial consultation and can help you with every aspect of your business. Contact us now!

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