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British investments in the Netherlands have increased sixfold since 2016

Updated on 19 February 2024

Since the infamous Brexit referendum the British have become more and more cautious concerning their businesses and startups. This ultimately lead to a substantial increase in foreign investments and the relocation of businesses to the most stable EU countries. The Netherlands are currently on top of the relocation list, which is not surprising at all considering the positive economic climate in our country. Just to illustrate the difference between the two neighboring countries: investments by Dutch entrepreneurs and investors in the UK have subsequently decreased 80% since that illustrious moment in 2016.

It’s all in the numbers

Investments by British business owners and investors in the Netherlands are 6 times more frequent than before 2016. The Dutch Central Statistical Office states that during 2016, the British invested around 14 billion euros in the Dutch economy. Two years later this number had grown almost exponentially to 80 billion euros. The UK was by far the largest foreign investor in Holland during 2018.

Like previously mentioned, the investments by Dutch business owners and investors in the UK decreased: in 2016 the Dutch invested around 50 billion in the UK, but in 2017 this number went down to 25 billion. In 2018 the Dutch did not invest more than 11 billion euros in the UK: that is one fifth of the original amount just a mere two years ago. In other words: even the possibility of a hard Brexit has absolutely staggering consequences on the international investment climate, which cannot be overlooked.[1]

YouTube video

Intercompany Solutions CEO Bjorn Wagemakers and client Brian Mckenzie are featured by CBC News - Dutch Economy braces for the worst with Brexit,  in a visit to our notary public on 12 February 2019. 

British entrepreneurs and companies are starting to become nervous about a hard Brexit

The in- and decrease of foreign investments is mainly due to a growing feeling of uncertainty amongst British business owners. It is very important for a large number of British businesses to remain present in a European country, simply because a different situation will have a very negative impact on the way the company does business. The option that a business will not be part of the European Single Market anymore is quite frightening indeed, especially with many European clients in their database.

The reason Holland attracts so many foreign investors

Holland has been known to be a very stable, innovative and beneficial climate for many types of businesses. From the pharmaceutical to IT and the eco industry and every kind of freelance business: as an entrepreneur or owner of a large corporation you can nearly always benefit from many of the resources the Netherlands has to offer.

In terms of innovation, the Netherlands have a prime position on the Global Innovation Index (GII) of 2019. This yearly compiled list by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPA) tells you exactly which country can be great for your business in terms of progressiveness and innovation. It ranks the innovative performance of 129 collaborating countries around the globe, by analyzing a special theme every year.

This year the theme was medical innovation and the potential to transform healthcare worldwide. The Netherlands were named the fourth most innovative country, with the US at number three, Sweden at number two and Switzerland grabbing the prime spot.[2] If you want to limit your risks, whatever the outcome on the 31st of October, you would be wise to consider all your options of relocation or opening a branch office in the Netherlands. Intercompany Solutions can assist you during the whole process. Just contact us for all the information you need.

[1] Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANP). (2019, 9th September). Britten investeren bijna 6 keer meer in Nederland sinds Brexit-referendum. Link: https://www.nu.nl/brexit/5989751/britten-investeren-bijna-6-keer-meer-in-nederland-sinds-brexit-referendum.html

[2] World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPA). (2019). Global Innovation Index 2019. Link: https://www.wipo.int/global_innovation_index/en/2019/

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