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Registering an (EORI) number in Holland

Updated on 19 February 2024

All local companies performing customs-related operations in Holland and other members of the EU must have a unique EORI number. If you need further information about the EORI registration procedure or other accounting matters, our Dutch specialists are ready to assist you. 

Dutch format of the EORI number

The Dutch EORI number consists of:

  •  country code: the Netherlands is designated with NL;
  • a unique number or code: the company’s fiscal number; in case this number is shorter than 9 digits, e.g. 7 or 8 digits, the EORI number will begin with “0” or “00”, respectively; Dutch EORI numbers always follow the format NL + nine digits.

Assignment of EORI numbers in Holland

Only legal entities can have EORI numbers. Therefore branches of international companies cannot register for individual Dutch EORI numbers and have to use the ones issued to the respective head offices.

EORI numbers are assigned by the MS where companies are resident. In Holland businesses holding excise tax licenses are also assigned EORI numbers. The purpose is to avoid using more than one ID number for companies dealing with the Customs.

Applying for a Dutch EORI number

Businesses established in Holland have two ways of obtaining EORI numbers:

  • for Dutch companies holding fiscal numbers no official EORI application is required, since the EORI number is derived from the tax number; all Dutch businesses that have performed customs-related operations in the country before the beginning of July, 2009, were issued EORI numbers.
  • businesses intending to apply officially can fill in the EORI application template and choose whether to have the number publicly available on the EU EORI website.

Dutch companies willing to obtain EORI numbers do not have to submit any additional documents. The local Customs can access the necessary information.

Businesses established in countries outside the EU can file EORI applications in a Member State where they perform activities. The issued number will be valid in the entire EU.

Businesses active in third countries are asked to submit a Trade Registry document issued no more than six months ago. The EU has established a common database containing the EORI numbers accessible by the customs in all Member States.

For more information on starting a Dutch company, see this page. If you need further details regarding the registration for an EORI number, feel free to call our accounting company in Holland.

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