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Five Ideas for Opening a Small Dutch Business

Updated on 19 February 2024

The Netherlands is welcoming foreigners intending to work and live on its territory and start private businesses. The country offers an ideal environment for setting up a branch or establishing the headquarters of a big company, but smaller businesses also develop well. The Netherlands is among the European member states where motivated investors and entrepreneurs can set up new businesses with comparatively small initial capital. Below is a list of five sectors suitable for opening a small company:

1. The Dutch food industry

Many people in the Netherlands are too preoccupied to cook at home. Therefore opening a restaurant or an agency for catering is an excellent option for a small business. Food storage, production and sale in the Netherlands require special licenses and permits.

2. Handmade Goods

The production of handmade goods requires a small initial capital and mostly depends on the ingenuity and talent of the entrepreneur. Original handmade clothing, bags, leather goods and jewellery can be offered to locals and tourists alike.

3. Online Sales

It is easy to open a Dutch website and turn it into a platform to facilitate online purchases or offer direct access to different providers of goods and services.

4. Mobile applications / IT business

Developers of mobile applications are discovering new useful and exciting solutions. The huge variety of apps covering areas from social productivity to finance attracts a broad range of customers. Read more on the high-tech industry of the Netherlands.

5. Childcare in the Netherlands

A lot of Dutch parents work full time and need babysitting services. Opening a centre for childcare is a good option for development of investors with previous experience (for example babysitters). This business requires special permits, mostly connected to the safety of children.

International entrepreneurs are treated in the same way as the locals and have the option to open any type of company. Regardless of the chosen field of operations, investors must complete the procedure for company registration and respect the national rules for taxation.

Some runner up ideas:

  • Technical jobs such as plumbers, locksmiths, engineers, mechanics and much more are in high demand in The Netherlands. Due to a shortage of qualified personnel in these fields.

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