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We can assist you if you plan to register a business in the Netherlands. We only need a scan of your personal identification document and evidence of your residential address (e.g. a bill for electricity from the past two months that includes your address). These papers are sufficient for us to begin with our tested and approved procedure to register a company in the Netherlands.

You can hire us for the registration of an international company or set-up of a new Netherlands company. The total cost is only 1050 euro. It is mandatory to have a registered address for company registration in the Netherlands. Read more

Every company needs to have a registered office in the Netherlands.

We need the following documents for a Dutch BV company formation

  • In case the director(s) and shareholder(s) are physical entities, each person must provide us with:
    • Passport copy;
    • Evidence of residential address, no more than two months old;
    • Certificate of marital status.
  • In case the director(s) and shareholder(s) are legal entities (companies), each of them must provide us with:
    • Extract (original) from the commercial register of the country of formation. If this document does not mention the identity of the director, we require an official notary’s opinion in the country that states the identity and the legal capacity of the company’s director(s). In case the director / a director is a legal entity, then we require an original extract for this company from the commercial register of the country of formation. At least one of the directors must be a physical person;
    • Declaration of Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO);
    • Incorporation deed (copy).

It is as straightforward as it looks. We will complete the rest and finalize the registration of your company. Read here fore more information on how to open a Netherlands BV.

In case you have questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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