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Establish a Joint Venture in Holland

Updated on 19 February 2024

In Holland, a joint venture is an agreement between at least two companies to unite resources in order to pursue a common commercial goal. Each company keeps its identity and carries liability for the losses and profits of the venture.

The investors involved in the creation of a Dutch joint venture first have to establish two companies in the Netherlands. Joint ventures are not specifically regulated for business arrangements of this type. Still, the companies forming the venture must comply with the national corporate law.

Our Dutch agents in company formation can assist you in forming a suitable joint venture meeting the current provisions for corporate control and management.

Joint Venture formation in Holland

A joint venture formed in Holland can be either corporate (between public or private companies or cooperatives) or contractual (of partnerships, limited or not). A corporate joint venture is formed between corporate entities that are legal persons (in contrast to partnerships) and therefore the companies must follow the Dutch Corporate Law. This important factor differentiates corporate from contractual joint ventures.

In Holland, companies and partnerships are subject to different requirements for annual financial reporting and accounting. Our agents in company formation can provide you with comprehensive information on this subject.

Requirements for joint venture establishment in Holland

All incorporated Dutch companies must undergo registration at the National Chamber of Commerce. Any joint venture performing commercial activities has to be formed by registered entities. In particular cases, joint ventures can be subject to the Dutch Act on Competition. On the other hand, contractual ventures must meet the requirements of the national contract law.

Holland has not enforced any commercial restrictions on joint ventures and they can be established in any area of business. This establishment type is not required to comply with specific duration. Still, if the entities forming a joint venture are meant to exist for a certain time period, then the same period will be valid for the joint venture.

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