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Start a Business in the Dutch Chemical Industry

The Netherlands is among the largest providers of chemical services and products in Europe. The necessary materials are readily available or easily accessible, while the extensive national network for transportation facilitates travel on the continent and overseas. If you are interested in establishing a company in the chemical industry of the Netherlands, please do not […]

Register an Association in the Netherlands

If a group of individuals wants to fulfil a particular goal, for example, all members want to participate in a given sport, make music or improve a shopping area, they have the option to establish an association (vereniging) that is a type of legal entity. Main characteristics of the Dutch association Associations in the Netherlands […]

Bankruptcy in the Netherlands

If you are an owner of a Dutch business but at some point, you become unable to cover your company’s debts, you may petition for bankruptcy in front of the Dutch court. For this purpose, you need to fill out a form (in Dutch) either personally or on behalf of the company that you represent. […]

Open an Energy Company in the Netherlands

Holland has a good standing with respect to energy efficiency and renewable energy and leads the charts for greenhouse farming, processing of biomass and wind energy in marine environments. The energy industry provides a substantial part of the national income, employment and exports of the country. Therefore the Dutch government has adopted a modern industrial […]

The Government of the Netherlands Embraces Innovation

The national government provides support to companies developing innovative products by means of grants, innovation credits and tax benefits. The European Union also offers different grants for innovation. Innovations create opportunities Inventive businesses can participate in the quest for solutions concerning fundamental social issues, such as population ageing, deadly diseases and food security. The development […]

Form a Cooperative in the Netherlands

Advantages of working in a cooperative In case you are planning to use the advantages of cooperative work, such as pooled marketing and purchasing efforts, one of the options is to register an entity called “coöperatie” or cooperative. This form of entity is also useful if you are dealing with increasing workloads or have health […]

Sole Proprietorship in the Netherlands (Eenmanszaak)

A sole proprietorship is also called a one-man business or sole trader. Registering such a business guarantees your full independence as its owner and founder. The proprietorship can have more members working for it and employ staff, but its owner is only one. Establish a Sole Proprietorship in the Netherlands A sole proprietorship can be established […]

Taxation in Holland

The Dutch government obtains its revenue mostly by taxation. The Financial Ministry implements the national legislation on taxes and the Belastingdienst deals with its actual execution. You must pay taxes if you generate income while staying in Holland. A brief history of taxation in Holland Dutch people started paying taxes centuries ago. In the 1800’s […]

30% Reimbursement Ruling in the Netherlands: FAQ

Below are the answers to the most common questions regarding the 30% reimbursement ruling in the Netherlands: When should I apply for the 30% reimbursement ruling? Expats may apply for this tax advantage within 4 months after the conclusion of their employment contracts. For those applying after the 4-month interval, the ruling becomes effective on […]

Professional Partnership in the Netherlands (Maatschap)

Characteristics of the Dutch Professional Partnership In the context of the Dutch law, the “maatschap” or professional partnership is different from the other forms of partnership (general and limited) as it represents a cooperation of professionals, e.g. accountants, physicians, lawyers, dentists or accountants, and its main goal is not the joint performance of business activities. […]

Mandatory VAT Registration in the Netherlands

Every Dutch company is required to subscribe at the Trade Registry of the Chamber of Commerce. This is a necessary prerequisite for VAT registration and fulfillment of other financial duties. The procedure is mandatory for all types of legal entities, including private limited companies, companies with limited liability, foundations and associations. Registration at the Chamber […]

Franchise Agreements in the Netherlands

Franchising is a contractual mechanism through which an entity (franchisor) issues a paid license for use of its business practices and systems and/or its commercial name to another entity (franchisee). Dutch laws on franchise agreements The Dutch legislation does not address franchise agreements specifically, so the general provisions of the law on contracts and competition applies. […]
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