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Holland is the Second Largest Agricultural Exporter in the World After the USA

Updated on 19 February 2024

The Dutch sector of agriculture has succeeded to maintain its position as the second largest exporter in the field of agriculture. For 2017, the total value of agricultural exports reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) is 113.5 billion US dollars or 92 billion Euros, which is 7% more in comparison to 2016. Thus the country ranks second among the top agricultural exporters in the world, after the United States. The agricultural exports of the US for the fiscal year of 2017 were estimated at 140.5 billion dollars or 114.2 billion Euros.

According to CBS, approximately 40.5 billion Euros come from products made in Holland and another 3.5 billion Euros are attributable to commodities that were imported from elsewhere, underwent some processing and were exported. If products related to agriculture were included in the calculation, then the Dutch participation in the global economy would increase to 48 billion Euros.

Flowers and bulbs were first among the top export products. Dairy products were second, overtaking meat that was ranked in second place the previous year.

Destinations for export

The agricultural produce for export of the Netherlands is mainly destined for Germany (34 billion Euros for 2017). Holland is the most significant export market for Germany as regards agricultural products. Other significant export flows are directed towards Belgium (10.4 billion Euros), the United Kingdom (8.6 billion Euros) and France (8 billion Euros). According to CBS, the trend shows an increase in exports to France and Belgium and a decrease to the United Kingdom, perhaps due to the weaker GBP in connection to Brexit.

The net export value of products related to agriculture, e.g. pesticides, fertilizers and farm equipment, reached 9.1 billion Euros bringing the sector’s total to 101 billion Euros.

A wonder in the agri-food industry

The area of the Netherlands is only 41.500 square kilometres and its population is approximately 18 million. The country brings hope for finding solutions to the challenges of world hunger. Although small, it has a very strong position in the world’s sector of agriculture; Holland is a driving force leading globally in the field of innovative solutions and food security.

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