The private limited company holding structure in the Netherlands

The Private Limited Company (BV in Dutch) holding structure saves money and mitigates business-related risks. As a minimum, the holding structure includes two companies: one is the active company performing business operations, and the other…
Directors' Liability in the Netherlands

Establishing a Dutch office

The present article describes the legal and tax aspects and some practical matters concerning office establishment in Holland. It summarizes information about the Dutch legal and tax system relevant to the required procedures. The article also…
Change the Type of Your Company in Holland

How to Open a Shop in the Netherlands

Foreigners residing in the Netherlands can either work for local businesses or establish their own companies. For the past few years people increasingly choose the second option, relying on the governmental support for start-ups. One of the…
How to Start an Import/Export Business in the Netherlands

Five Reasons to Start a Business in the Netherlands

If you intend to start a business on the European continent, you have to choose a suitable country to begin with.  Europe includes 44 countries (28 members of the EU) of various sizes, languages and levels of economic development. You might…
dutch investment funds

Dutch Investment Funds

According to the legislation on the types of investment vehicles that can be registered in Holland, these structures may be established as investment companies or funds. Investors intending to go through the procedure for starting a fund can…
Open a General Partnership in the Netherlands (VOF)

Appointment and Dismissal of Staff in the Netherlands

The procedures for appointment and dismissal of staff are partially covered by the Civil Code of the Netherlands and partially clarified by the judicial system. It is relatively easy to employ staff, but it may prove tricky to dismiss employees. Employment…
Establishing a Business in Utrecht

Establishing a Business in Utrecht, the Netherlands

The flourishing city of Utrecht is famous for being creative, healthy, talented and smart. Its residents, knowledge institutes, local authorities and companies work in collaboration to achieve social sustainability. This is the ideal location…
Dutch participation

The Netherlands: An Attractive Destination for Investors

The Netherlands has a rare combination of characteristics that encourage international investments and form the country as a competitive and highly popular business centre. Holland is strategically located in Western Europe, allowing investors…
selling Dutch shares

Selling Dutch Company Shares

A Netherlands-based company may decide to sell shares due to the expansion of the business or as a plan to accumulate larger income. The acquired capital may be directed towards debt repayment or reinvestment in the business. A Dutch company…
Buying Dutch company shares

Buying Dutch Company Shares

Investors who have decided to buy shares of Dutch companies are able to purchase them either directly or via a plan for dividend reinvestment. They can acquire the ownership shares of a particular company or implement a larger plan for stock…