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Establishing a Business in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Updated on 19 February 2024

The flourishing city of Utrecht is famous for being creative, healthy, talented and smart. Its residents, knowledge institutes, local authorities and companies work in collaboration to achieve social sustainability. This is the ideal location for establishing a business, thanks to its central position on the map, accessibility, favourable business atmosphere and highly qualified workforce. Furthermore, Utrecht offers various office and business locations in its historic inner part and its innovative Science Park.

One of the most competitive regions in Europe

According to the EU Regional Competitiveness Index Utrecht is the second most competitive region on the European continent after London. The region offers excellent business climate, qualified workforce and a strong economy. The region achieves regular high ranking, much better than the indices for Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Utrecht is famous for its superior digital infrastructure, institutions for higher education, job market, innovation and technology, and healthcare.

Healthy city life

Utrecht is the healthiest and fastest growing city in Holland. It has achieved outstanding results in combining economic growth and rapid urbanization with the ambition of healthy living. Health, prosperity and well-being are the main points in the development of a sustainable and healthy environment for living. The region cooperates for innovative, creative solutions, services and products to guarantee that the environment remains liveable, healthy and green.

Central location, excellent accessibility

Many consider Utrecht as a central intersection point. It offers great accessibility by any means of transport. All important Dutch highways lead to the city. Schiphol Airport is 30 minutes away. Utrecht boasts the biggest railway station in Holland that offers transport to any destination, both in the country and abroad. The business park of Lage Weide accommodates a large inland port. Furthermore, Utrecht has an outstanding digital infrastructure.

Young, qualified labour force

The smart, vibrant Utrecht has young and bright residents. The city hosts many students and every year it attracts a new flow of smart, talented, young individuals. Many of them decide to remain in Utrecht and work here after their graduation. In general, it is fairly easy to reach ambitious entrepreneurs and innovative talents in the area of Utrecht.

High living standards

Utrecht is a compact metropolis, welcoming, open and accessible. Due to its relatively small size, the city can easily be explored by bicycle or on foot. Utrecht is popular with its charming historic inner city, various cultural amenities and extensive shopping area. It offers lively festivals, gorgeous parks, inspiring museums, exciting architecture and unique events. The city offers an excellent environment for living, working and studying and takes the second place in the countdown of the most inviting cities in Holland (Dutch Councils Atlas, 2017).

International communities

The region of Utrecht hosts sixty thousand international professionals and 900+ foreign companies. Its International School has a diverse range of European Baccalaureate programmes for secondary and primary education. For international students pursuing higher education, Utrecht has an International Campus and a University College. The Centre for Expats in the city welcomes newcomers to obtain practical information on studying, working and living in Utrecht.

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