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BV Company Netherlands

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How To Establish A BV Company Netherlands

We can assist you in Netherlands Company Register questions or any of the procedures you may need. Our team has supported hundreds of business entrepreneurs in starting a Netherlands BV company. You can perform the procedure from a distance and it only takes five work days.

In the Netherlands a BV company is an entity with limited liability with the required shared capital of EUR 0.01. Therefore its setup involves a very low investment.

One important characteristic of the BV company in the Netherlands is that its directors and shareholders do not carry personal liability with respect to the entity’s debts.

If located abroad, the directors and shareholders do not need to travel to the Netherlands in order to set up a Dutch LLC company. Read more on setting up a Dutch LLC company.

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Taxes Relevant For A BV Company Netherlands

Dividends can be taken by the shareholders of the BV company Netherlands. The rate of dividend tax is determined by the country of registration of the shareholder and the existence of tax treaties between this country and Holland. The Netherlands has signed more tax treaties than any other state worldwide. You can ask us to check whether such treaties exist between the Netherlands and any other country of your choice. We know from experience that the tax rate with respect to dividends determined by such treaties is relatively low.

The profit rather than the revenue of a BV company is taxable. The tax with respect to the first EUR 395 000 of annual profit is only 15% and the tax rate increases to 25,8% for the amounts above this threshold.

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