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Intercompany Solutions is headquartered in the World Trade Center – in the heart of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Our company is inherently driven to provide legal and accounting services in the Netherlands for entrepreneurs from all over the world. We specialize in assisting international clients with all-in company formations.

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Bjorn Wagemakers became acquainted with Tax and the Accounting industry during his studies of Accounting and Tax law in the Netherlands. After working at a major accounting firms for over 5 years, he decided to delve into the niche of the Dutch Accounting industry as an entrepreneur. With a specialization in international businesses, Bjorn has assisted hundreds of national- and international businesses.

With Intercompany Solutions, he consults with clients on accounting and tax matters. Currently, Bjorn is leading the operation from Intercompany Solutions head office as CEO and head of our Accounting department for Intercompany Solutions.

Our CEO Bjorn Wagemakers has been featured in a news report by CBC news regarding firms relocating to the Netherlands because of Brexit.

Bjorn happily answer your questions in English, German and Dutch.


Intercompany Solutions CEO Bjorn Wagemakers and client Brian Mckenzie (CFO of Process Enterprise Systems) are featured in a report for The National (CBC News) ‘Dutch Economy braces for the worst with Brexit’,  in a visit to our notary public on 12 February 2019. CBC News has also covered this story in a publication which can be read here.

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”Every consultant within our company is specialized in their own discipline. Establishing a company from abroad raises many questions after all, depending on the type of business and the company’s future plans. It is often seen as a large step to invest capital into a foreign venture. Which is only natural if you have to deal with uncertainties stemming from unfamiliarity with specific tax and company laws in the Netherlands. Our consultants are here to help our clients answer exactly those questions.”, according to Francois Krist.

Our services include, the formation of companies in the Netherlands, application for a company bank account, accounting & tax services, applications for tax ID numbers, consulting, assisting with permits and regulations. Assisting entrepreneurs from all over the world in the relocation and establishment of companies in the Netherlands is our daily business.

We have assisted both small business owners, established corporations and even multinationals in setting up a company or subsidiary in the Netherlands. We are proud to service businesses of any size.

Our clients come from over 50 countries worldwide. 

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Bjorn Wagemakers, Director of Intercompany Solutions adds: ”We also actively support our clients after the company formation to make sure they stay compliant with rules and regulations. We do this, among other things, by ensuring that all accounting rules are met. We have also built up a large network of like-minded professionals which we can engage to answer questions outside our own areas of expertise or specialization. Our network consists of close collaborations with experienced and renowned notaries, (international) tax advisers, consultants, specialized lawyers, payroll tax specialists, recruiters and much more. With our network we can ensure that we always provide our clients with the most accurate and relevant information.

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Contact us directly through our contact form, phone number or info@intercompanysolutions.com. Our company formation specialists will be eager to assist you with a free initial consultation to answer all questions you may have about doing business in the Netherlands.