The Netherlands is among the top business destinations for international investors because of its stable developed economy and open policies with respect to commerce and investments. Therefore it is a wise decision to open a Dutch NV company. Local businesses have the advantage of a flexible tax regime allowing corporate tax exemptions for income from capital gain and dividends.

NV is the abbreviation of Naamloze Venootshap, a type of company with limited liability. If you plan to incorporate an NV … Read more

What kind of entity is the BV?

The BV is the equivalent of a private company with limited liability (LLC) in the Netherlands. Therefore its shareholders are liable (financially) only for their own investments in the business and do not carry personal liability for the company’s debts. This is why, among other reasons, Dutch BVs are preferred by international entrepreneurs.

Who owns the BV?

The owners of the BV are its shareholders that have acquired privately registered shares. There must … Read more