How to start a business in the Netherlands

We offer help throughout the process of starting a business in the Netherlands. The BV is the most widely used and convenient type of entity for foreign entrepreneurs. The national legislation does not require the possession of any particular asset for establishing a BV in the Netherlands. The only necessary prerequisite is to have an official local address. BV entities belong to shareholders and their capital consists of easily transferable shares. The Dutch BV also needs to have a minimum of one director. The director(s) and shareholder(s) do not have to reside in the country.

Our services to incorporate a Dutch BV

We provide the service to help you start up a Dutch company from EUR 1000.

We need the following documents for the procedure:

In case the director(s) and shareholder(s) are physical entities, each person must provide us with:

  • Passport copy;
  • Evidence of residential address, no more than two months old: for example, a bill for gas or electricity;
  • Certificate of marital status stating whether the individual is married or not;

In case the director(s) and shareholder(s) are legal entities, each of them must provide us with:

  • Extract (original) from the commercial register of the country of formation. If this document does not mention the identity of the director, we require a note of an official notary in the country that states the identity and the legal capacity of the firm’s director(s).
  • In case the director/a director is a legal entity, we require an original extract from this entity from the commercial register of the country of formation. At least one of the directors must be a physical person;
  • Declaration of Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO);
  • Incorporation deed (copy).

We will check if the name you chose for your new company is not already in use. We do this before we incorporate, and at no extra cost to you. You can send us your preferred name, and we will let you know all about its availability as soon as possible.

In case you have any questions about our procedures, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Intercompany solutions background Rotterdam

Starting a business in the Dutch economy

The country is famous for the colourful capital of Amsterdam and the port of Rotterdam – the biggest in Europe and worldwide. Also, the Netherlands is very popular for its favourable entrepreneurial environment. It is an attractive destination for setting up a business or a branch for the following reasons:

  • The Netherlands has signed more treaties for the avoidance of double taxation than any other state worldwide. You can send us an inquiry about the treaties in force for your country of residence;
  • The rate of the taxes for corporate income in the country is among the lowest in Europe;
  • No taxes are charged on royalties;
  • Based on our experience we consider it a lot easier for international residents to incorporate a Dutch BV, compared to most other states;
  • The infrastructure in the country is among the best worldwide;
  • Foreign entrepreneurs are always welcome in Holland. The culture is open to international influences;
  • The percentage of Dutch people who speak foreign languages is quite high. Almost everyone knows English, and many are also proficient in French or German;
  • The results of an investigation performed by G. Thorton in recent years show that Holland is among the top countries worldwide for foreign investors to establish their company.
  • The Dutch country attracts various foreign companies thanks to its stable politics and legislation and its good international relations.
  • Further studies show that international companies have strong confidence in the Netherlands when starting their business thanks to its international environment and multiculturalism. The country hosts many international companies reporting a positive experience.Read more on our procedures.

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