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Intercompany Solutions has produced a series of short video explainers on what you need to know when starting a company in The Netherlands. All the videos are in English.

How to start a business in The Netherlands - Explainer Video

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Company Types in The Netherlands - Explainer Video

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Opening a BV - Explainer video

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Brexit and The Netherlands (CBC news)

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Brochure Dutch BV

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Intercompany Solutions blog

Launching an ICO for your crypto company in the Netherlands: information and advice
If you are currently the owner of a crypto company, or plan to establish one in the near future, then launching an ICO can be an interesting way for you to raise funds for your business. It can also allow you to create a new coin, service or app. An ICO is essentially a profitable […]
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Tax treaty denounced between the Netherlands and Russia per January the 1st, 2022
On the 7th of June last year, the Dutch government informed the cabinet about the fact, that the Russian government has officially agreed to the termination of the double taxation treaty between the Netherlands and Russia. Therefore, as of January 1, 2022, there is no longer a double taxation treaty between the Netherlands and Russia. […]
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How to establish a consultancy business in the Netherlands? A general guide
Ever wanted to operate as an independent consultant? In the Netherlands, you can benefit from many possibilities to achieve this dream. Starting a consultancy business involves a lot of thinking on your part though, before you actually establish the business. So where do you start? Whether you are an independent communication consultant, a legal consultant […]
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