Which Dubai Free Zone To Choose in UAE

Most entrepreneurs settling in the UAE are mainly concerned with what type of free zone they have to set up business in. There are many options, each with different advantages. The free zones share basic characteristics like hundred percent foreign ownership is possible and tax-free import duties. In order to choose the right company you need to ask yourself if you are going to do business in the country, what type of business will you be doing, and what type of UAE presence do you need for your business.

RAK free trade zone offshore company

The RAK zone is perfect for international business activities and if you want to use the company for trading. Consultants and freelancers also opt for this free zone to set up business. This is a very flexible entity and the process is very easy. This company is allowed to open a Dubai bank account and it can create a physical presence in Dubai itself. You might not use a company in this free zone as a local office, to get visas or to import goods into the country.

Fujairah free zone company

This is the most flexible type of company to start and the process requires a minimum amount of paperwork, making it easy to get going. They are the most affordable solution with low fees and those who have a visa. It works well for consultants who consult internationally as well as internet entrepreneurs, musicians and entertainers. Companies in this free zone may not trade or manufacture goods.

Ajman free zone

This free zone is similar to the Fujairah Free zone in terms of price and set-up. It is near Dubai which gives your company port opportunities as well as office space. It is perfect for manufacturing or trading businesses. The fees per annum are one of the most affordable in the UAE and it requires the least amount of paperwork in order to set it up. It does, however, require the entrepreneur or shareholder to visit Dubai during the set up process.

Dubai multi commodities centre free zone company

This free zone is perfect for easy office space rental in luxurious buildings. It is in the heart of Dubai which is a desirable location and gives a professional image to your company. It is connected to transportation infrastructures like the metro train stations and tram stations, and things like visas can be done online. The process is more complex than the other and it takes a few weeks to finalize your company. It is also more expensive to set up.