Benefits of a virtual office Netherlands

In order to make expand our corporate services and make business more professional, efficient and effective, our virtual office solutions have been introduced in order to lighten the load of the shareholders of a company. Many companies take advantage or virtual offices in order to boost their international presence as well as establishing a local brand.

Virtual offices in the Netherlands are a great way to gain the trust of your consumers and your target market. It can help assure clients and consumers that you are in fact a legal company that is covered by local law. It provides an enormous confidence boost for you as a foreign investor as well as any clients who transact with your company.

Other than physical offices, these offices are much more affordable and they give you the opportunity to test the market before jumping into it. It is also a practical way for you to remain inside the country even though you are busy conducting remote business ventures.

A virtual office establishes your presence in a particular country by providing you with a formal business address. You can receive all post, bills, or other correspondence via that address and with a dedicated phone number, you can use it on stationery.

Registered office Netherlands

A registered office in the Netherlands is an effective space for using communication services for a dedicated fee, with no requirement for office space. Virtual offices are based almost everywhere and are available to anyone who needs access the communication services such as a telephone, internet etc. A virtual office is different to business offices and executive suites that provide office space and other facilities.

Our virtual office allows you to feel at home and begin working on whatever you need to work on in your own setting. Our virtual office solutions are designed to help you feel more organised and controlled when it comes to your business and work. A lot of companies use virtual offices to increase their international presence and expand their business. Virtual offices also allow you to gain the trust of the consumers you deal with and also your general target market; you will be able to show your consumers that you’re a legit company that is following the local law. For foreign investors, virtual offices can increase confidence within a business as an investor and also the clients you work with.

Our virtual offices are affordable and provide the facilities you require at a fee that is worth it. You will be able to run through the market before you jump head first into and it also gives you the ability to stay in the suitable country and work remotely. Furthermore, a virtual office will allow you to work from the specified country and provide a business address that can be used for meetings and other work. The business address comes in handy for receiving various correspondences from different outlets, such as bills, client mail and any other correspondence. The virtual office can also be used as a registered office for your firm. You will also be provided with a phone number that can be given to clients and use on stationery.

We work with providers for virtual offices and registered business address in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Our partners are approved by the Dutch tax office, The Dutch Company Register and fully compliant with all local regulations.

Other jurisdictions

We provide virtual offices in many different countries as we know the importance of having an allocated space wherever you are to do your business. By using our services in virtual office solutions you will be able to remotely work from any way you need to be and run your business.

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Virtual Office Netherlands

We are proud to offer our Virtual Office Premium Package –  we can establish your company on our prestige office address in Rotterdam. What would inspire more trust for your local and international clients than to have a Virtual Office in the heart of the city?
The building is located in the center of Rotterdam on the intersection of the cities two main roads.

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