(UAE) Dubai business relocation


Known for its beautiful skyline, impressive structures, and beautiful beaches, the UAE has evolved into a business hotspot over the years. It is clean, safe, and it is the headquarters for several local and international business branches. It boasts with a large amount of multinational expats as well as accessible transport to everywhere in the world. Foreign investors can easily setup shop in one of the 20 free zones whilst bypassing menial laws, regulations and often unnecessary rules. It bridges the gap between east and west which is why it is a favorable option for entrepreneurs for a UAE business relocation.

Getting started in the UAE

As an independent businessman the UAE might not be as user-friendly as you are used to. You will be faced with several requirements that need to be adhered to and most of the officials will not be able to speak your language. You will also have to work closely with a local accountant which comes with its own set of problems.

Making us your business partner will guarantee a smooth transition into the culture of the UAE. We will be able to take care of the important things from providing you with an awesome office space to brainstorming a market strategy. With our help you will become much more acquainted with the local customs so that you feel at home right away.

Dubai is the main city where business thrives on a daily basis and there are many reasons why. Entrepreneurs benefit from the city because there are no restrictions on foreign shareholders, investors don’t have to pay profit, income, inheritance or gift tax, there is a low wage cost for personnel, and there are no restrictions put on current or capital accounts as well as receipts of foreign entities. Furthermore, no import duty is required and because of Dubai’s strong trade characteristics, it has strong relations with several European countries.

Whether you are a new business or whether you are familiar with the corporate game, we will be able to assist you in any venture you want to start. We will be able to help you set up your company within 7 days and for as little as 10,000 EUR. Our team of business coaches help you with information, advice, legalising of documentation and so much more.

Turnkey market entry

Our job does not stop once you have established your brand in the UAE. We continue helping you through the process of taking care of legalities that might slow you down on your way to international success. Your only focus should be your company growth, your clients, and your products.

We are extremely experienced in company formation in Europe and Dubai which makes it possible for us to get the job done in an efficient manner. Before the end of the week your business will be up and running and you can jump into the world of foreign investment.

Our business with you will always be clear cut, honest, and open. We avoid any unnecessary costs and unpleasant surprises because we work off of a fixed pricing schedule instead of an hourly one. Every single one of our clients receives personal treatment in the fields of start-up or development.

We specialise in making the legal operations of your start-up business easy and effective. A professional team of lawyers have joined forces with our company to ensure that your company is incorporated in a legal and safe way. We can assist you with applying for the right legal form, drawing up articles of association, VAT and tax returns, bookkeeping services, name registration, legal advice, opening of bank accounts and residency services, amongst others.

Residency services

Relocating your business might not only mean moving your company, but it often means migrating your whole life. It is an exciting journey to take on, but it is also a scary one. You have to deal with cultural changes and sometimes different language spectrums. With our help, you can focus on your personal life without having to worry about the legalities of immigration procedures.

At Intercompany Solutions we have a lot of experience with locals and expats choosing to move beyond borders and we are fully equipped to handle their documentation with care. The obstacles that might seem like mountains today will swiftly be moved with our help and we make the process a lot smoother.

Whether you are considering moving to Europe or Dubai our local professionals can help you with things like taxes, permits, housing, registrations, bank accounts, internet setup and so much more.

If you would like more information on any of the above services, do not hesitate to call us. One of our professional company formation agents or legal experts will be able to assist you.