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Trust governs legal operations whereby settlers transfer securities, rights, real estate or financial instruments to a trustee. The purpose of this action is to benefit one or more heirs or beneficiaries. In the Netherlands, trust services are expressly established by contract or by law. Alternatively, the management of companies in favour of third parties may be governed by the trust law. Trust services in the Netherlands are regulated by the Civil law

Trust services in the Netherlands attract new businesses

Due to the Dutch fiscal climate many international corporations choose to headquarter in the Netherlands and make usage of trust services. The Dutch tax treaty network is among the largest in the world. Not only is the Netherlands a member of the EU, the country prides itself with political and financial stability of the highest order. The absence of withholding tax on royalties and interest, as well as the professional infrastructure and international business climate makes the Netherlands a world leading country.

Please find bellow some of the advantages of using trust services in the Netherlands:

• Protecting wealth from unstable, uncertain or weak political and economic situations.

• Planning of company estate and maximising the benefits.

• Transferring wealth to company heirs in according to wishes as opposed to being forced by the laws and regulations of a beneficiary.

• Consolidation of asset ownership worldwide into one centralised location.

• Minimisation or elimination of estate tax on the passing of a settler to an heir.

• Transferring of wealth to heirs in a tax-efficient manner.


Common trust services for assisting global entrepreneurs and investors with the management and regulations of the company include:

• Participating on the committee and board meetings.

• Convening the board meetings and taking minutes.

• Filing the annual accounts at the corporate registry.

• Maintenance of corporate records

• Preparing required resolutions for the board and shareholders meetings.

• Assisting with incorporating or establishing a legal entity.

• Handling the issue, merger and/or transfer of shares.

• Assisting with changes to the Articles of Association.

• Executing, legalising and drafting of corporate agreements and documents.

• Assisting with liquidation and dissolution of companies.

• Drafting power of attorneys and issuing proxies.

• Timely preparing of tax returns and financial statements.

• Coordinating HR issues, wages, regulations, and permits.

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