The Netherlands is among the leading exporters of food and agricultural products worldwide due to its innovations in agri-food technology. The sector offers a reliable source of safe and healthy food produced using nature- and environment-friendly methods.

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International companies planning to establish presence on the Dutch market at a low cost can open local branches. The branch does not have a legal personality and is considered an extension to the international company. Therefore the parent company established abroad is liable for all of its actions.

The operations of Dutch branches are managed by representatives of the parent companies by virtue of a PoA (Power of Attorney).  The branch has to carry out the same operations as its … Read more

The worldwide transport of goods increases in distance and volume every day. The Netherlands plays a major role in the world market thanks to its developed logistics.

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A world trade centre

Logistics relates to the expertise and knowledge necessary for effective planning, performance and streaming of information … Read more

The Dutch high technology industry is one of the most inventive worldwide due to the modern facilities and the innovations in the field of development and research. The Dutch high-tech products and expertise are in high demand and are subject to global export.

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If a group of individuals wants to fulfil a particular goal, for example, all members want to participate in a given sport, make music or improve a shopping area, they have the option to establish an association (vereniging) that is a type of legal entity.

Main characteristics of the Dutch association

– Associations in the Netherlands should have at least two members.

– All association members are entitled to a vote.

– The Members Meeting (Ledenvergadering) has exclusive authority and … Read more

Holland has a good standing with respect to energy efficiency and renewable energy and leads the charts for greenhouse farming, processing of biomass and wind energy in marine environments. The energy industry provides a substantial part of the national income, employment and exports of the country. Therefore the Dutch government has adopted a modern industrial policy in order to take better advantage of any economic opportunities related to grey and green energy.

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Advantages of working in a cooperative

In case you are planning to use the advantages of cooperative work, such as pooled marketing and purchasing efforts, one of the options is to register an entity called “coöperatie” or cooperative. This form of entity is also useful if you are dealing with increasing workloads or have health problems. The other participants in the collective can handle some of your work.

Definition and types of cooperatives

The cooperative is an association concluding specific … Read more

A sole proprietorship is also called a one-man business or sole trader. Registering such a business guarantees your full independence as its owner and founder. The proprietorship can have more members working for it and employ staff, but its owner is only one.

Establish a Sole Proprietorship in the Netherlands

A sole proprietorship can be established without a deed prepared by a notary. It is mandatory, however, to register the business at the Trade Registry. Each private individual can … Read more

The Venootschap Onder Firma (VOF) or General Partnership is a company established by a minimum of 2 members through an agreement registered with the Commercial Chamber (Trade Registry). This entity is commonly translated as “company with partners”.

Main features of the Dutch VOF (General Partnership)

Each of the partners must make a contribution to the common business, e.g. goods, money, labour or knowledge. In contrast to other entities in the country, the VOF is not required to have a minimum … Read more

One of the first bureaucratic matters internationals need to take care of in the Netherlands is the BSN number, in Dutchburgerservicenummer”. BSN, or also known as Sofi number in the past is a social service number used in the country.

 What purpose does the Dutch BSN / Sofi number serve?

The BSN or Civic Service Number is a unique number issued to everyone living in the country. It is a form of registration intended to assist all interactions … Read more