Open a General Partnership in the Netherlands (VOF)

The Venootschap Onder Firma (VOF) or General Partnership is a company established by a minimum of 2 members through an agreement registered with the Commercial Chamber (Trade Registry). This entity is commonly translated as “company with partners”.

Main features of the Dutch VOF (General Partnership)

Each of the partners must make a contribution to the common business, e.g. goods, money, labour or knowledge. In contrast to other entities in the country, the VOF is not required to have a minimum … Read more


Dutch Social Service Number (BSN / Sofi Number)

One of the first bureaucratic matters internationals need to take care of in the Netherlands is the BSN number, in Dutchburgerservicenummer”. BSN, or also known as Sofi number in the past is a social service number used in the country.

 What purpose does the Dutch BSN / Sofi number serve?

The BSN or Civic Service Number is a unique number issued to everyone living in the country. It is a form of registration intended to assist all interactions … Read more

Dutch Bank Account For Non-Residents

If you are living in specific country, you can often only open a bank account in that specific country. That is not the case for the Netherlands. At most banks, non-residents can also open up a Dutch bank account to handle their money. And that’s not just for personal versions, but also for business versions.

Some of the services related to Dutch bank accounts for non-residents, are collection and payment services, electronic banking, foreign currency exchange, debit and credit cards, … Read more


Notaries in the Netherlands

Dutch notaries are members of the KNB (The Royal Association of Latin Notaries). They provide specific services different from the ones offered by other law practitioners, including attorneys, lawyers and tax advisors. Their most important features are their independence and impartiality.

Dutch notaries have university degrees in law and some of them specialize in particular areas, e.g. real estate, company or family law. If necessary the notaries can request services of other, more specialized law practitioners, including law firms. Notaries … Read more


Top Five Profitable Dutch Industries

Many international entrepreneurs establish their businesses in the Netherlands to benefit from the many offered advantages. The strategic location of the Netherlands provides access to many western European customers and the country boasts the biggest port on the continent: Rotterdam. The tax system offers numerous advantages for businesses in various sectors. Below is a description of the top five profitable industries currently suitable for opening a Dutch company.

1. Agriculture

The country is rated second in the global export of … Read more


Establish a Dutch Trust

International residents are offered a range of solutions for wealth management in case they plan to live in the Netherlands. Foreign citizens can open various types of Dutch companies, of which the most appropriate forms are the BVs (companies with limited liability or LLCs) and the private foundations. If you would like to establish a trust you should keep in mind that the Dutch legislators have not yet adopted a particular law in relation to this structure, but they … Read more


Start a Dutch Cryptocurrency Business

The Netherlands qualifies among the most progressive countries worldwide in regards to financial technology. The sector has a branch that uses blockchain wallets for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the country has established WestHolland: a centre for development and research employing innovations to provide new technology for all areas of the economy. In the summer of 2017, the National Bank of the Netherlands officially announced the establishment of a new department for blockchain technology development.

If you are planning to … Read more


Seven Important Questions about Dutch BVs (Besloten Vennootschap)

What kind of entity is the BV?

The BV is the equivalent of a private company with limited liability (LLC) in the Netherlands. Therefore its shareholders are liable (financially) only for their own investments in the business and do not carry personal liability for the company’s debts. This is why, among other reasons, Dutch BVs are preferred by international entrepreneurs.

Who owns the BV?

The owners of the BV are its shareholders that have acquired privately registered shares. There must … Read more


Establish a Holding Company in The Netherlands

The Dutch holding company has proven to be an ideal structure for many different ventures. The Netherlands’ laissez-faire practices give businesses little to no regulation, minimal taxation, and generally, ease the stress of many entrepreneurs. In this article, we will analyze the main characteristics and benefits of opening a Dutch holding company.

What is a Netherlands holding company?

A Netherlands holding company is a type of business with the intention to ‘hold’ the stock of other corporations with the aim … Read more


Business Address In The Netherlands

A business address in the Netherlands is becoming an invaluable asset to any business. Not only do they contribute to the company’s appearance and organizational structure, local business addresses are also a big money-saver in comparison to local offices.

The business address and virtual office services that are provided by our team of skilled individuals are perfect for entrepreneurs who want to establish a bigger presence in the Netherlands without paying extreme amounts for renting an office space.

Virtual offices … Read more