Famous for its welcoming and dynamic atmosphere, the Netherlands attracts young people who wish to study or try their luck at starting up a business. Investors planning to open start-up companies in the country need a residence permit in order to do so. The document is issued if certain conditions are fulfilled. The application is submitted to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) for approval. International residents interested in immigrating to the Netherlands may ask for assistance before starting the … Read more

Citizens of member states of the EU and other countries planning to immigrate to the Netherlands have to become familiar with the regulations and rules regarding immigration and visa issue. There are certain conditions you need to consider if you are intending to immigrate to the country. Our local experts in immigration can provide you with thorough information and guidance on the ins- and outs of immigration Netherlands.

The Dutch short-term visa

Non-EU citizens willing to visit the Netherlands for … Read more

The Netherlands attracts migrants from worldwide with its democratic traditions and high living standards. Many Dutch Skilled Migrant program participants migrate through the program to the Netherlands. Our consultants and immigration lawyers in the Netherlands can provide you with important details on the Authority for Dutch Immigration (IND) and the requirements for residence permit issue.

Status of Dutch skilled migrants program 

Employed highly qualified migrants receive wages matching their profession and qualification level. Persons who have completed their university education … Read more

In line with the Dutch legislation on immigration, independent entrepreneurs who would like to start a business in the Netherlands first need to obtain a Netherlands residence permit for self-employed individuals. The same Dutch self-employed visa is required for freelancers and people who would like to practice a profession in the country.

How to qualify for the Dutch self-employed visa?

Entrepreneurs who want to obtain a Netherlands self-employed visa need to receive a certain number of points. The point system … Read more