International investors can register their operations in Germany as companies, branches or partnerships. The GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) or in English a company with limited liability, LLC) is the most popular company form in Germany.  This entity is preferred because of its uncomplicated and flexible financial and corporate structure. The shareholders carry limited liability covering the share capital of the company.

The GmbH can have its corporate seat at any location in Germany, it does not matter if the … Read more

There are three levels of taxation in Germany: municipal, state and federal. The system includes both indirect and direct taxes. The main ones are on income and added value (VAT). In addition, the Constitution defines principles of taxation established with respect to payment ability, lawfulness, equality and welfare state.

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Types of taxes in Germany

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The Commercial Registry in Germany is called Handelsregister, i.e. Companies House. In fact, this is the official body at which all businesses are obliged to register. Business owners interested in incorporating a German company need to choose a type of entity suitable for their activities and go through a registration process at the Handelsregister.

The Commercial Register in Germany is regulated and supervised by the Amtsgericht, the national district courts. It deals mainly with company registration in Germany, but also … Read more

What is the German GmbH

GmbH is the abbreviation of Gesellschaftmitbeschränkter Haftung, otherwise known as a company with limited liability (LLC). Most international investors choose this entity for the purposes of doing business in Germany. As with all other companies types in the country, the German GmbH has to be listed in the Commercial Registry before it begins to operate.

Minimum required share capital of the German GmbH

You must deposit at least EUR 25 000 in cash or … Read more

The procedure for opening a company in Germany represents a sequence of standard steps to ensure compliance with all legal requirements. The necessary actions include the preparation of Articles of Incorporation (AoI) and other required documents: specimens of signatures, copies of passports and specific forms provided by the office for company registration. All procedures connected with the signing of documents need to be notarized in Germany. For you to open company in Germany, you also require a registered office, a … Read more