Startup consult

More than a 1000 entrepreneurs have found their feet and settled their roots with the help of Intercompany Solutions and partners. We offer personal consultations and specialized advice to suit any type of company that you would like to start in the Netherlands. We are passionate about assisting new business owners in the establishment and growth of their companies and we are excited about assisting you!

A personal meeting with you will allow us to discern your goals and plans for your business. This knowledge will enable us to help you with the services you need to get started. During these personal meetings, we will discuss the detailed services and plans that Intercompany Solutions offers to entrepreneurs.

  • Company establishment – our team of experts handle this process quick and seamlessly.
  • Local banking – we will be able to recommend some of the best banks to you and set you up with a local bank account.
  • Virtual offices – we are able to help reassure your clients about your presence in the jurisdiction of choice by providing you with a virtual office location.
  • Tax residency – we will be able to explain the tax laws in detail, the regulations imposed them and how they can work for you in a business setting, we handle the end-to-end applications.
  • Bookkeeping – we can assist you in managing your accounts and keep tax filings in order so that you can focus on building your brand.
  • Local representative services – as a foreign entrepreneur and a non-resident there are certain regulatory requirements that you need to fulfill. We will be able to assist you with this and offer full representation in all cases.

Do not hesitate to contact us today if you would like to find out more about the services we offer. We will be able to set you up with a personal meeting with one of our professional business experts.