Are you planning on starting a business in Holland?

We can assist you in starting up a business in Holland even if you are currently located elsewhere. You need to have a registered address and many business owners prefer having a Holland value added tax number and bank account. These prerequisites will allow your company to officially do business in Holland and issue invoices. Our team offers comprehensive services such as:

Holland Business Services 

  • Registration of a BV (takes 3-5 work days): EUR 1050
    Expedited procedures are possible to form within 1 day
  • Opening a company account at a Holland bank: EUR 495 (Read more on opening a Dutch bank account)
  • Registering for social security and obtaining a number (to be used by the director for opening an account under the name of the company): EUR 145
  • Personal assistance for the whole year. This includes bank account opening and registering for social security: EUR 1200
  • Obtaining a value-added tax number (VAT ID): EUR 295
  • Accounting services from EUR 1200 a year

In case you wish to benefit from all services listed above, our package offer for your first year is EUR 3450.

Our firm has the necessary expertise to support you in starting a business in Holland. Starting up a business is easy with our assistance.

If you need further details regarding a Holland business, do not hesitate to call us. We assure you that the price of our services for starting up a business in Holland is the best on the market.

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