The Netherlands qualifies among the most progressive countries worldwide in regards to financial technology. The sector has a branch that uses blockchain wallets for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the country has established WestHolland: a centre for development and research employing innovations to provide new technology for all areas of the economy. In the summer of 2017, the National Bank of the Netherlands officially announced the establishment of a new department for blockchain technology development.

If you are planning to open a business with cryptocurrency in the Netherlands our company incorporation agents can help you throughout the registration process.

The Netherlands as a top destination for cryptocurrency businesses

International investors, who consider opening a company that operates in the sector of finance, and particularly in the field of blockchain technologies can benefit from the fact that the country is among the few states worldwide that accept the usage of virtual currencies. Furthermore, the Dutch Central Bank has created a digital currency called DNBCoin. And the Dutch town Arnhem is famous as the ”Bitcoin City” because all of its companies operating in the field of electronic commerce accept cryptocurrency payments.

The Dutch central authorities also recognize the potential contribution of cryptocurrency technologies to the future of the finance industry. Our consultants in company formation can provide you with detailed information on the procedure for starting a business with cryptocurrencies in the country.

Incorporation of a cryptocurrency company in the Netherlands

The opening of a cryptocurrency business in the country is not regulated by special requirements. Nevertheless, you need to register a company in the Commercial Registry in order to start operation. Our Dutch consultants in company incorporation can help you register your cryptocurrency business.

Investors planning to open Dutch companies involved with Financial Technologies with the aim of trading in virtual currencies need to be informed that the Netherlands has an established framework of such transactions.

If you need assistance in registering a virtual currency company in the Netherlands, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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