Poland company formation

The Polish LLC (Sp. z.o.o.) is the most common legal entity established in the country. It is usually formed by investors intending to incorporate medium to large-sized companies. It has a flexible structure, while the procedure for its incorporation is fairly simple, hence its popularity. Our specialists in company formation can provide more information on other company types in the country.

Characteristics of the Polish Sp. z.o.o

The polish LLC (Sp. z.o.o.) is a legal entity and can be established by one, two or more legal/natural persons. The capital required for incorporation of an LLC is at least PLN 5 000 (about 1 180 Euros) while the minimum share value is PLN 50. The shares into which the capital is divided may be unequal. The entity carries full liability for its arrears and commitments without limitations.

All Polish LLCs are subject to the taxation principles valid for the country. Our experts in company formation can provide you with more information on Polish corporate tax and other required taxes such as dividend tax.

Incorporating a Polish Limited Liability Company

In order to establish a company, the applicant must first draft its Statutes as a deed. The Statutes must include the following information regarding the company: business name, registered office, objectives, share capital and nominal share value. These documents for incorporation also include details about the managing board members and shareholders.

The shareholders carry no liability for the obligations of the company. Their liability is limited to their own contributions to the share capital of the company. Polish Sp.z.o.o are governed by a Meeting of Shareholders and have at least one representative constituting their Management Board. LLCs with share capital amounting to more than PLN 500 000 and >25 shareholders are obliged to have Supervisory Boards.

If you intend to invest in Poland, our agents in the field of company establishment can provide you with detailed information on interesting opportunities for investment and offer you a full package of management services. Our advisory team is connected to a global network of accountants, consultants and lawyers. So if you seek services for company incorporation or legal consultancy in a different country, e.g. the United States, we can connect you with our local partners.

Our Polish representatives are able to help you with different official procedures and service a virtual office for you in the country. If you would like to know more about the services we offer, please, contact us.

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